16 Jun

Wouldn’t it be great if I had the access to all the personal payroll files of each employee at a company?  So much information to keep me occupied for hours on end.  I’m such a snoop.  I would ask a friend straight up, “How much do you make?”  Some would open up and some would be a closed book.  Either way, I respect their response. I’ve managed to swindle out the numbers… I’m that sneaky!  Of course, I would keep things confidential between us.

That’s why I’ve enrolled myself in the CPA program to become a certified Payroll Compliance Practitioner!  By finishing this program, hopefully, I can eventually step into a payroll administrator position within my company or elsewhere.  It is within my line of work, I have experience in payroll as I currently handle a few companies from day to day paper work operations.

You can say I’m stuck in a place where nothing seem to be changing.  Yes, I am afraid of change.  In order to better myself, I need to put myself out there and work towards my goal instead of doing the same stuff over and over again.  My ultimate goal is to earn a higher salary so I can save at a faster rate to have financial freedom.





2 Responses to “Enrollment”

  1. Liquid June 16, 2012 at 2.33 #

    That’s on my list of super powers I wish I had. Look at someone and know how much they make. Could be like floating figure above their heads only I can see or something. Imagine the bargaining leverage you can use to boost your own compensation if you knew how much others were making lol. Congrats on the enrollment.

    • agentfang June 17, 2012 at 2.33 #

      Thanks! I always wonder how people are doing financially… from strangers to coworkers. Always curious, so it’s fun to stumble onto other PF blogs to read up on how they are doing in their financial paths 🙂

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