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Are you a TELUS Mobility customer?

25 Jul

If so, I got a deal for you from WagJag!  I am always on the hunt for deals online… haa, I like my freebies and discounts of course.

Even though, I’m not a Telus Mobility customer… my parents are long time customers.  And I used their number to my advantage to get a $10 credit each month from!  Remember this, the credit is NOT accumulated from month to month basis.  The ten bucks you get for the month is only good for that particular month!  Make sure to scope out their daily deals.  If you can find a deal you like that is close to $10, you can get it for free or little money!  Buy only what you want… or treat even 😀

Sign up now:  WagJag credit exclusively for TELUS Mobility customers

Here are my successful buys:

Date:2012-10-04 (My cost: $12)
$22 for 2 kg of Stuffed Chicken Breast ‘Grillers’ – Fire Roasted Vegetable and Cheese

Date: 2012-09-21 (My cost: Free)
$9 for a ‘Name Your Tune’ Personalized Children’s Song Compilation (Digital Download) from Name Your Tune (a $20 Value

Date:  2012-08-15 (My cost: $2)
$12 for a 4-Pack of Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Deodorants (a $28.05 Value) – Shipping Included

Date: 2012-07-23 (My cost: $13)

$23 for 5 kg of End Cut Pork Chops ($41 Value)

Date: 2012-06-01 (My cost: Free)
$7 for a Sample Pack from Procter & Gamble (Plus over $30 in Coupon Savings) – Shipping Included
Date: 2012-05-14  (My cost: $5)
Restaurant closed down before I even got to use my coupon!  Now, I’m trying to get a refund from WagJag… still pending.  My suggestion is best to use your coupon right away unless it’s a very big well known store.

$15 for $30 towards Lunch, Bruch or Late-Night Rustic Italian Fare from Cosca

Jump on board too late!

18 Jul

Hot tip today… I ignored it, nearing the end of the day it jumps another 10 cents.  I decided to buy in with anticipation it’ll jump another 25 cents where I can cash out with a decent coin!

This is another crazy penny stock bet!  I know what you must be thinking, I’m crazy.  Usually… I get sucked in by the allure of fast money-making penny stock… pump and dump.  I am hoping that I didn’t jump on board to late this time around.

I really need to make a few grand to make up the loss of my current penny stock loss.  This can be a break it or make it time.

Once, it hits my target.  I’m outtie.

20,000 @ 38.5 cents

Embarking a New Journey

17 Jul

It is bittersweet for me to leave my current position.  To be honest, I have it pretty easy there.  Most of the time, I wasn’t challenged enough.  The pay was decent for the amount of working hours I put in each day.  I truly enjoyed my coworkers, maybe that’s why I’ve stayed as long as I have.  Basically, I’ve been on cruise control at work for the past six years.

Today, I accepted another job offer.  The journey I’m about to embark will challenge me and push me to my limits.  I am very reluctant of change.  Change to me means not knowing the unknown.  What will my new working environment be like?  Most importantly, will I get along with my new boss and new coworkers?  Insecurity about myself troubles me, even though, they think I’m a good fit for the position.  But through it all, I know this is the right direction for me to advance in my career.

I’ve always felt inadequate with my earnings.  Now, I can say I’ve finally hit my earning mark!  Switching jobs usually entails an automatic raise.  If I stayed at my current work, I would still be patiently waiting year after year for a raise that usually meets inflation.

Always know your self worth, never settle for less.  Set your sights on the figure and go after it.  Never in a million years did I think I could accomplish this mark…  But I did!  Is it pure luck or is it my calling?

Blast from the Past

13 Jul

Rule#1:  Warren Buffet never invests in the technology sector.  He likes simple companies that produces a steady growing revenue stream where he knows it will continue to flourish through bad and good times.

Technology is fast and ever changing the landscape of the world we live in.  No one wants an outdated device.  We’re always intrigue by gadgets that enhances our lifestyles.  We’ve come a long ways out of the Dotcom Bubble to where we are now.

A lot of Blackberry loyalist are switching over to touch screen smartphone devices for more added cool features that Blackberries can’t keep up anymore.  Thus the big collapse of the all mighty Research in Motion Limited.  Blackberries are becoming a thing of the past and will eventually be distant memory.

Trading at its 52 week low of $7.35 per share.  RIM is on its last breath of life.  I used to be a shareholder of RIM just over a year ago.  Can you imagine it trading at $50+ a share?  A sense of relieve washes over me.  Even though, I sold RIM at a loss for holding it for a month.  I walked away from a company that was spiralling on a disastrous path.  Good riddance.

Apr 6-May 3, 2011 RIM 200 10684.95 9195.05 ($1,489.90) -13.94%


9 Jul

Today, I picked up Godiva’s White Chocolate Pearls!  Each pearl ball is bursting with one of my favorite flavors!  This is a little more pricier than conventional paper or plastic wrapped chocolates, but I don’t mind paying extra for reusable tin cans that I can store stuff with!!  One of my favorite things to collect are boxes of different varieties from souvenir boxes to Japanese secret puzzle boxes!

A lot of the times, I tend to stay within my box (I have a lot of boxes though) to be in the comfort zone.  In reality, one can not get far in life by just being safe.

Stepping outside the box takes a lot of courage and determination with a degree of attitude!  This means breaking old habits and routine.

Everyone has their own problems.  Trust me, we are all insecure about ourselves in one way or the other.  No one is perfect.  No matter how small or big it is, you have to come face to face one point in your life.  Sometimes, you let the problem become bigger and bigger till it stops you dead in your tracks.

Remember this, it’s never too late to start a fresh, pay off your debts or lose your weight.  Question is do you want to step outside the box and make a change for the better?

On a personal note, one of my biggest regrets is not finishing up my diploma in my field.  Recently, I’ve enrolled myself in a program.  Already, I have thoughts of withdrawing… mostly due to the fact that this is a very refined field that doesn’t lead to many opportunities.

The world is full of opportunities, it’s time to seize it with an open mind.  Go after your goals no matter how silly it may seem at times!



Ultimate Goal

4 Jul

Hypothetically speaking, can one build a stock portfolio that is sustainable to churn out $20,000 per year in distribution/dividends to stop working and live off the dividends from your stocks?

I’ve been leisurely reading Derek Foster’s “Stop Working, Here’s How You Can!”  At the end of his book, he constructed a sample stock  portfolio where he collects $18,845 per year in distribution/dividends deprived from his original investment cost of $103,500.

Can I replicate his method in this day and age?

Let’s say I just invested the whole $103,500 into one of my high yielding stocks in today’s stock prices:

BPF.UN– $103,500/17.47= 5924 shares @ 1.20= $7108.80/yr
BMO– $103,500/57.77= 1791 shares @ 2.80= $5014.80/yr
KEG.UN– $103,500/14.04= 7372 shares @ 0.96= $7077.12/yr
IPL.UN– $103,500/19.27= 5371 shares @ 1.08= $5800.68/yr
CHE.UN– $103,500/15.85= 6530 shares @ 1.20= $7836.00/yr

Even if I did find a cheaper stock like PGF which is yielding about 12.79% at the moment.  I still wouldn’t be able to make it to my $18,845/yr goal:

PGF– $103,500/6.57= 15753 shares @ 0.84= $13232.52/yr

This just means I have to construct at least a $250K plus portfolio to realistically support the $20k per year in distributions/dividends.  That is a big feat to accomplish.  Currently, I am collecting around $275 per month.  I have a long ways to go before I hit my ultimate goal of working as a sole investor/trader.

Alternatively, trading stocks is more lucrative if you know how to time your trades to the tee.  One can easily reap the rewards faster with the daily swings of the market…

I’ve been inactive for the past month.  It’s time for me to shake off the bad trades in May and start anew!