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9 Jul

Today, I picked up Godiva’s White Chocolate Pearls!  Each pearl ball is bursting with one of my favorite flavors!  This is a little more pricier than conventional paper or plastic wrapped chocolates, but I don’t mind paying extra for reusable tin cans that I can store stuff with!!  One of my favorite things to collect are boxes of different varieties from souvenir boxes to Japanese secret puzzle boxes!

A lot of the times, I tend to stay within my box (I have a lot of boxes though) to be in the comfort zone.  In reality, one can not get far in life by just being safe.

Stepping outside the box takes a lot of courage and determination with a degree of attitude!  This means breaking old habits and routine.

Everyone has their own problems.  Trust me, we are all insecure about ourselves in one way or the other.  No one is perfect.  No matter how small or big it is, you have to come face to face one point in your life.  Sometimes, you let the problem become bigger and bigger till it stops you dead in your tracks.

Remember this, it’s never too late to start a fresh, pay off your debts or lose your weight.  Question is do you want to step outside the box and make a change for the better?

On a personal note, one of my biggest regrets is not finishing up my diploma in my field.  Recently, I’ve enrolled myself in a program.  Already, I have thoughts of withdrawing… mostly due to the fact that this is a very refined field that doesn’t lead to many opportunities.

The world is full of opportunities, it’s time to seize it with an open mind.  Go after your goals no matter how silly it may seem at times!