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Blast from the Past

13 Jul

Rule#1:  Warren Buffet never invests in the technology sector.  He likes simple companies that produces a steady growing revenue stream where he knows it will continue to flourish through bad and good times.

Technology is fast and ever changing the landscape of the world we live in.  No one wants an outdated device.  We’re always intrigue by gadgets that enhances our lifestyles.  We’ve come a long ways out of the Dotcom Bubble to where we are now.

A lot of Blackberry loyalist are switching over to touch screen smartphone devices for more added cool features that Blackberries can’t keep up anymore.  Thus the big collapse of the all mighty Research in Motion Limited.  Blackberries are becoming a thing of the past and will eventually be distant memory.

Trading at its 52 week low of $7.35 per share.  RIM is on its last breath of life.  I used to be a shareholder of RIM just over a year ago.  Can you imagine it trading at $50+ a share?  A sense of relieve washes over me.  Even though, I sold RIM at a loss for holding it for a month.  I walked away from a company that was spiralling on a disastrous path.  Good riddance.

Apr 6-May 3, 2011 RIM 200 10684.95 9195.05 ($1,489.90) -13.94%