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I’m only human

20 Aug

Today, I took a 50% loss in a penny stock that shouldn’t even have happen in the first place.  I bet big and yes, I lost $6,000.  This was due to my own greediness and carelessness.  Also, I lost $2,000 in another penny stock.  Haven’t I learn my lesson from before?  $8,000 down the drain is unacceptable.  This has been the most frustrating trading year for me.  Lots of mistakes and misfortune, through it all, best to stick with the big boys.

For the past month, I’ve been tired… tired of taking care of my stocks.  I slacked off.  I held onto some stocks that I should have never gotten my hands onto.  I’ve sold some stocks that should have been a keeper for life.   I need to get my priorities straighten out.  I”m only human.

Thy shall not listen to others.  Thy shall stick to what I know best.  Thy shall forget the losses and move on.