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Keeping an Eye on ConAgra Foods Inc.

30 Sep

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t go grocery shopping or eat at a restaurant in some point in their lives?  Everyone on this planet relies on food to survive.  Food makes the world go round, just like money.

I’ve been pretty successful investing in food/restaurant sector.  Top picks over 100% gain:  Boston Pizza ($19.60/month) and Starbucks (Sold)

For the past month, ConAgra Foods Inc. has been relatively flat.  On September 20th, there was a sharp increase to their share price, jumping $2.00 to $27.59/share.  Their dividend yield is at 3.62% in which they’ve been consistently paying out for the past 25 years.

Is this their breakout point?  Or is this their resistant point?  Right now, I got a couple of grand ready to buy 100 shares.  Time to fully deploy all my cash!


Ten Grand Off the Mark

29 Sep

It’s been two month since I last updated my Portfolio section of my blog.  Quite a few thousand lighter from my all time highs back in May 2012.  My portfolio said goodbye to some wonderful, terrible and some in between stocks.  Currently, I hold ten stocks in my portfolio in which I am comfortable holding for the longer term.  During this time, I did withdraw $1500 cash from my brokerage account for personal usage.  At the moment, cash sitting in my four separate accounts amounts to $5922.23.  So in reality, I am not that far off my all time highs.  That is if I were to account for all my cash sitting idle in my brokerage accounts.

In the mean time, my distributions and dividends have amounted to $2709.51 YTD.  Having a steady stream of income is like being rewarded for your patience and patronage of holding their stock or unit trust.  It helps build your equity over time.

This trading year has taught me to be more patient and hang onto good strong stocks when they are down.  Eventually, they will come back up.  Short term it might seem like a long time, but if you stay true to them, they will reward you in the long run.

Maybe, it’s time to hang up my trading gloves.  But if I see a swing trade in the works, I will jump on it and watch it like a hawk to make my ultimate goal of $500/mo from capital gains.  Stay tuned as I have some famous financial books to read in the coming weeks that I have requested from the library.  Slowly they are all coming my way.

Happy trading… the market looks like it’s been on a roar back… but be careful not to get trap in the hype like I did before.  Maintain your composure and emotions when things aren’t going your way.

Welcome Aboard RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust

26 Sep

RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust owns and manages numerous shopping retail properties across Canada and Unite States.  Here is a list of their top twenty-five rental retailers:

I wanted in on the juicy distributions before end of this month, so I hastily bought into REI.UN in the morning of yesterday.  If I had been more patient, I would have save myself a quarter of a point.  However, I’m not too worried about penny here and there.  This will be a longer term hold as I see potential for this unit trust fund to grow in the next few years.

Paying out 11.5 cents per unit with a yield of 4.99% as of today’s closing price, they are not over extending themselves and able to maintain a steady track record of paying out their distributions.

Their chart looks strong, I’m a little worried that I might be buying at all time highs.  The indication is heading upwards for the time being.

I bought 400 shares @ $27.81.  This one I’ll just sleep on it and collect my monthly distributions of $46.00.

I’m back into the game… still I think something missing!

What type of trader are you?

23 Sep

Spend a few minutes to do this online test and get a detailed report one of the possible 15 types of trader that you will be classified as:

At the end of the test, it will reveal what type of trader you are and a full 7 page report that evaluates psychological tendencies relating to how you gather, store, comprehend and act upon information and input.

Unfortunately, I fall in the 9/15 category where I have a more difficult time becoming successful in the trading arena.  Here’s a quick analysis of myself:

  • As a socially responsible trader, I tend to be quick at seeing the possibilities, meaning that I can easily find opportunities in the market.  I am driven by my values and committed to them.  I tend to be adaptable and flexible and accepting of what happens unless it threatens one of my values.
  • One of my trading strengths:  Flexible enough to look for multiple systems and blend them to achieve your trading experiences.
  • One of my trading challenges:  Without an understanding of how to evaluate systems, I may persist in the market and trading beliefs despite evidence to the contrary.

Just at the beginning stages of this new book that I picked up from the library:  Super Trader, by Van K Tharp.  The first section is working on yourself. Are you committed, do you treat trading as a business or recreational?  Are you analytical or emotional trader?  If you work hard and do your best, results will come in stride.  To be successful in life is to take matters into your own hand.  Everything is doable if you put your mind to it.  Practice makes perfect is the saying.

Often, I get distracted and tend to put things off.  This time around I will follow through and finish what I have started to become more informed and well rounded person as a trader.

It’s time to get back on track again!

20 Sep

Zombie state, midnight, don’t know quite what to say.  Selling out has been a real blow to me for the past few months.  It’s time for me to face the reality of the losses and move on.  I’ve been stagnant in the stock world.  Work these days doesn’t give me a whole lot of time to think about stocks.  Maybe it’s a good thing since the few stocks I own are slowing climbing out of its hole and churning out some profits.  Sitting on a pile of cash waiting to be deployed.  I waited too long since the market has been on the upswing in the last while.

An update on my portfolio, it’s a little lighter and I’ve gotten rid of the bad seeds.  Time for me to add some good paying dividend stocks or even a unit trust.

Cliff Natural Resources struggled in recent months, the bottom was at $32.00 per share.  I was thinking of averaging down, but in the end, I didn’t want to endanger my portfolio with a beat up company.  Since then, it’s been trying to make its way back.  I’ll be holding onto this one for a while since it’s in my QT RRSP account.  Lesson: If the company is down, but it’s still a good company.. take a risk and buy some.

As always, I tend to sell out.  From the beginning, Google struggled in the weeks that followed my buy in price.  It went down and down and all I was seeing was red.  So I set out a sell limit at $620.00 for half of my shares.  For weeks, I didn’t really paid attention to my portfolio. Low and behold, it met my price and bam, it sold.  Now, Google stands tall at $100 above my sell out price.  Lesson: Give it some time, keep the good ones close by.

For BMO and Chemtrade Logistic, I’ve wagered big on them in terms of shares.  Yet, I haven’t seen much price appreciation from them. Finally, BMO raised their dividend to $0.72/share after so many years.  While other banks have been steadily raising their dividends year after year.  I should have bought into Royal Bank, but it’s the choice I made.  Chemtrade pays a monthly $0.10/unit.  So I’ve been collecting $181.00 each month.  I’ll continue to hold and wait.  Lesson:  Be patient to those who rewards you monthly or quarterly.

As for my lone penny stellar stock, it’s has fallen from its high of $4.50 per share.  I could have cashed out and walked away with a wonderful big fat wallet, but I had hopes of it going all the way to the big boys.  That’s not the case.  Lesson:  Sometimes, it’s best to cash out before it comes crashing down.

I regret selling out my other unit truss, they have flourished to no end in sight.  I really had some good ones that I let go time and time again.  Sometimes, I just have that itchy finger to push the sell button.  Lesson:  Long term has its advantages in unit trusts where steady stream of income and price appreciation are not too far off in the distance.

One more thought, I don’t think I’ll ever listen to anyone about stocks anymore that’s where I got into trouble.  I think I do best on my own with my own style of investing.