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Ten Grand Off the Mark

29 Sep

It’s been two month since I last updated my Portfolio section of my blog.  Quite a few thousand lighter from my all time highs back in May 2012.  My portfolio said goodbye to some wonderful, terrible and some in between stocks.  Currently, I hold ten stocks in my portfolio in which I am comfortable holding for the longer term.  During this time, I did withdraw $1500 cash from my brokerage account for personal usage.  At the moment, cash sitting in my four separate accounts amounts to $5922.23.  So in reality, I am not that far off my all time highs.  That is if I were to account for all my cash sitting idle in my brokerage accounts.

In the mean time, my distributions and dividends have amounted to $2709.51 YTD.  Having a steady stream of income is like being rewarded for your patience and patronage of holding their stock or unit trust.  It helps build your equity over time.

This trading year has taught me to be more patient and hang onto good strong stocks when they are down.  Eventually, they will come back up.  Short term it might seem like a long time, but if you stay true to them, they will reward you in the long run.

Maybe, it’s time to hang up my trading gloves.  But if I see a swing trade in the works, I will jump on it and watch it like a hawk to make my ultimate goal of $500/mo from capital gains.  Stay tuned as I have some famous financial books to read in the coming weeks that I have requested from the library.  Slowly they are all coming my way.

Happy trading… the market looks like it’s been on a roar back… but be careful not to get trap in the hype like I did before.  Maintain your composure and emotions when things aren’t going your way.