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Cheap Meal Idea

17 Oct


A quick cheap solution to leftover rice is to make fried rice!  Using leftover veggies, an egg, two slices of bacon will satisfy one’s hunger for the time being.  First step, fry your bacon till crisp.  Drain excess oil from bacon and cut bacon into bite size.  Use bacon grease to fry up bite sized veggies, add in egg & rice and stir fry.  Add soy sauce for flavoring.  Voila , your done!  Easy does it.



Break Down of Costs:
Rice- $0.05
Bacon- $0.41
Egg- $0.28
Sliced half tomato- $0.14
Celery- $0.14
Onion- $0.03
Fried Rice meal for one is $1.05