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My mind is wondering…

19 Oct

Towards my stock portfolio again.  Just a couple of days ago, my Google and other stocks were making a stride into the greener pastures.  I was giddy and giggles.  Suddenly, Google announced a 15% decrease in earnings just ruined EVERYTHING.  My 20% plus gain in Google shrunk in a span of a few hours in the morning.  I wasn’t even paying attention till a fellow blogger, Freedom Thirty Five, pointed out Google’s sudden 10% drop.

Tonight, I’ve been just staring at my portfolio.  Mulling…Where have I gone wrong for 2012?  My greediness and impatience have led me to my own demise.  Undisciplined in my own core values. Giving up and selling good stocks when I should have kept them.  Holding over appreciated stocks and not capitalizing on the gains.  Listening to bad advice about a couple of penny stocks that have cost me $8,000 in capital losses.  Not participating when the markets were down after May 2012.  Perking up only recently to get my arse whoop again by unforgiving markets.

My impatience is screaming at me to sell whatever gain you have left of Google which is about $1700.  Should I sell or just keep it?  I really don’t want to hold this when it comes down below my buy in price.  Ok, I think I will only sell if my gains will dip below $1500.  That’s my tolerance.

I held many good stocks and sold out.  Could this be just one of the many that I let go?