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My Monthly Warriors

3 Nov

My overall stocks are a little depressed at the moment. >_<  It really doesn’t affect my monthly warriors from churning out distributions time after time!  For the month of October, I’ve collected $292.14 in distributions.   YTD:  $3001.65 total from distributions and dividends.  Next year, I plan on increasing my collection to $5000!

Under my Margin corner:  BPF.UN $19.60; REI.UN $46.00
Under my TFSA corner:  CHE.UN $127.00
Under my RRSP corner:  CHE.UN $24.00; KEG.UN $8.00; IPL.UN $37.54

To earn interest on your savings these days are hard to come by.  With good no fee, high interest saving/chequing accounts alike, you can make the most out of it.  I usually leave little to no money in my chequing account (0.25% from ING Direct), yet I’ve managed to earn 12 cents on the money that got leftover in my account!  Really beats having to pay a monthly to your big five banks!  Don’t you think?

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