Alternative to MBNA Smart Cash Platinum Mastercard

8 Nov

I noticed I’ve been getting more hits as a result of my recent post:  RIP MBNA Smart Cash Mastercard  Here is my alternative card:

Earn 1% on all net purchases (no tier spending or no cap limit).  Bonus of 0.5% is awarded to you after your one year anniversary.  So the total cashback you earn is 1.5% essentially.  A nice little perk is $100 cash bonus for just signing up.  That’s what really hooked me!  Check it out:


They have really good benefits.  I like how you can customize your alerts by email or text message for transactions over $20 or bill payment reminder.   You can redeem your rewards anytime you like by requesting a credit to your balance (faster way) or cheque.  As for MBNA, you have to accumulate $50 before they issue you a cheque that can take ages to arrive at your doorstep.

The only draw back is I only got a $3,000 credit limit from Capital One.  I can’t really make a big purchases with this limit such as a nice trip.  Capital One is stingy with their limits.  I’ve been with them for like six months now, and I still can’t get a credit increase.  Usually I get $5,000 minimums from most credit cards I’ve dealt with.

I don’t really qualify for this card as I don’t make anywhere close to $60k a year myself.  But if I add the combined household income… I do for the bare minimum 🙂

MBNA has really angered loyal customers.  Now we are all looking for alternatives to find a better cash back reward card!

2 Responses to “Alternative to MBNA Smart Cash Platinum Mastercard”

  1. Alex Yang (@yyangalex) November 8, 2012 at 2.33 #

    RFD posts seem to indicate CapitalOne does not increase credit limit ever, even if you call in to request it… kind of strange. did you have a lot of CC already when you applied? i only had 2 cards when i applied for CapOne, and got such a large amount that it was shocking. but when i applied for my 4th card (Chase VISA for foreign currency purchases) i only got 3k as well

    • agentfang November 8, 2012 at 2.33 #

      When I first registered my card and talked to a rep… he told me I can ask for an increase after being with Capital One for a while. Yea, I have like over 10 credit cards/line of credit, but I just use two major credit cards for usage at a time. I always seem to apply for the next best reward card.. haha…

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