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Little Things to Save Money

24 Nov
  • If you have a coffee fix to be pleased, grow accustom to the free coffee provided at work.
  • If you want to save on toilet paper, go do your business at work or in public washrooms as much as possible when you are not at home.
  • Find work closer to home.  To save on travel time and costs as well.  Looking and getting a new job usually gets you an automatic raise from your previous job.
  • It is always a good idea to cook more for dinner, so you can have the leftovers for lunch the next day.  This way it’ll save you money and time!
  • It is always cheaper to make your own food than going out to buy something to eat.
  • If you go out to eat at restaurants, just ask for water or hot water only.  Not only is it free, it is healthy for you as well!  Many Asian restaurants serve hot tea complimentary to your meal as well.
  • Use credit cards as the main form of payment for your purchases.  Take advantage of organized transaction statements, delay of payment till due date, and rewards that your card provides whether it’s cash back or travel points.  With this buying power, please spend what you can afford only.  As advised, always pay off your statement by monthly due date to make this work.
  • Brand names are a symbol status that we all crave.  With this in mind, brand name items come with a high mark up margin.  Always look for another alternative that may save you a few dollars or even thousands.  These savings can really add up once you account for all the stuff you buy as a whole.
  • Do your research and always be on a lookout for sales, coupons and stock up!
  • Friends are great to have, but they can certainly make your wallet thinner.  It’s ok to say no to certain outings if you feel it too excessive.
  • Shop through the crowds at better priced Superstore instead of Safeway.
  • Frequent your local library to borrow books & other medias, use their free internet services, and for a quiet place to hang out.
  • Try to limit your outings.  If you go out, most likely you will end up spending money on something one way or the other.
  • Take the time to organize what needs to be done and run errands to get everything out of the way in a matter of a few hours.
  • Always try to empty out your fridge before you head out to the grocery store to stock up again.  Take inventory of what you have and need for the week.  Minimize multiple runs to the grocery store by keeping on top of things.
  • Save your juice boxes and soda cans to recycle at the bottle depot to get back your deposit.
  • Turn off your lights when you’re not in the room.  Turn off the heat when you are at work.  Use only what you need!
  • Save on gas, by properly inflating your tires and taking it easier on the accelerator.
  • Be a minimalist.  Stop upgrading to the newest gadget.  Make good use of the item till its last breath.  Buy only what you need.