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Stupid Car Accidents

29 Dec

Youtube is a great source for entertainment.  It’s amazing how many stupid accidents occur in the world.

One time, I witness a “stupid car accident” right in front of me while stopped at a red light intersection.  Wished I had a dashcam to record it all.  On my way to work, I made the usual stops to a major light intersection near my house.  A neighborhood car made a u-turn in front of me on the side streets, and we eventually stopped at the same intersection waiting for our light.  A lady trying to make a left onto our street going opposite direction of us, lost control and slammed right into the car in front of me.  Instead of making a L-turn, she made a U-turn… broad siding the other car and impact was strong enough to turn the stopped car to its side.  Luckily I didn’t stop too close or else I would have gotten hit too.  If not for the car who had taken the spot in front of me, I would have the victim here.

Here’s a compilation of “Stupid Car Accidents“.  Some of the accidents are pretty brutal especially with the pedestrians and motorcyclist.  Fatigue, speeding, error in judgement are usual culprits in most accidents.  Stupidity is a factor too!

Be a defensive driver.  Pay attention to cars surrounding you.  What is their next move?  Accidents are costly and deadly sometimes.  So be careful when you step foot in your car.

It’s not so bad here in Canada where we are law abiding citizens to the road laws.  But in Russia and other countries, drivers just do whatever they want… running full on red lights and making a path for themselves to get ahead.




Added APPL to my Position

28 Dec

Apple has been beaten up far too much over the last few months.  Is this the bottom?  I am not banking on it, but I did buy APPL-  10 shares @ $511.90.



Tis the Time to be Festive!

24 Dec

Today is the last official day I work for 2012!  Well, at least for my full time job.  Finally, I will get a week long break for the holidays.  Three of the working days will not be paid.  They will be taken out of my vacation pay.  It`s forced upon me, but I welcome it.

The commute this morning was a breeze compared to other work days.  Looks like a lot of people are taking today off to prepare for tonight`s festive dinner!

I took the train downtown to go to CRA head office (work related).  People seem to be more friendlier than usual.  Smiles on their faces.  Couriers running around with their packages for that last minute deliveries.

It`s a slow day at work.  Hopefully, they`ll let us out soon enough.  But I doubt it.  Work horses!

Way over budget for this month with all the gifts and extra expenditures I have indulge myself in.  Fortunately, I got a bonus from work… even from my part time job to lessen the burden of paying back the bills.

For 2013:  I plan to track my expenditures more carefully.  Make smart decisions for my investments.  Save as much as possible to make a sizable down payment for my new condo that`s coming up in a year.

Merry Christmas and wishing you all a happy new year!

Android’s Power

17 Dec

Android’s power is gaining more market share than ever.  With their customization, users are able to set their preferences to a tee.

With the recent launch of Google’s LG Nexus 4 devices, the demand for these smart phones are higher than ever.  It is sold exclusively through Google Play Store at a fraction of the price compared to other leading brands.  High end specifications make this a highly sought after item for this busy shopping season.  Yet, Google drop the ball on this one as they’ve been sold out for weeks at their online store!  More buyers are lining up, but they can’t get their hands on Nexus 4 unless they go through third parties who have taken advantage of this short supply.

Stock price comparison:

Apple $516/share vs Google $720/share as of Dec 17/2012.

Goodbye Great Quest Metals!

14 Dec

Missed opportunity for me to cash out big on this stock.  I could have cashed out at its peak for $10,000.  But this little one didn’t go beyond my dreams of retirement.  Instead, I sold out at $1250 profit.

My hopeful hold out diminished as each day pass by while I cling to this penny stock.  For the past few months, it took a big stumble as the Mali rebels are over taking the region.  

Sometimes, it’s best to cut your losses or profits.  It might just come back to bite you in the arse.  2012 started off well for me, but mid way through, I sold out when I should have held on steady.  I made a few risky moves that cost me dearly.  Lesson learned.  

Time for me to recoup my losses and strike at it another day in 2013!

Shopping Spree!

9 Dec

December is proving to be a bad month for saving already! Tis the season to spend!  It’s not even 1/3 into the month yet… how are you all coping with your holiday shopping?

Gulp, I just drop a few bills in the past week!  Honestly, I am not a big spender at heart.  Sometimes, I feel like I should splurge once in a while to reward myself.  Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten tickets to Cirque du Soliel, but I want to see it over the holidays in a tent.  That’s something I haven’t done before and would like to try out.  I’ve been to Mystere in Vegas, honestly I wasn’t that impressed with that particular show.  So I am giving this another shot!  I’ve heard rave reviews, so I am excited to see the spectacle of the raw talent some people have.  Now, I just have a couple more gifts to get and I’m done!

My new job gave me a Christmas bonus!  With a budget of $500 to spend on myself, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted.  Here is what I got eventually:

  1. Firefly Classic Jael Insulated Jacket- $100.79
  2. Nexus 4 16GB- $421.11

Gift for others:

  1. Hoodie & Shirt- $15.00
  2. 2x Tin Cans assorted Purdy’s Chocolates- $33.54
  3. “Amaluna” by Cirque du Soleil- $128.00 for two tickets (Partial gift)
  4. PS3 Game- $55.99

Stuff for myself:

  1. Cannon All in One Printer- $40.87 (for those just in case situations)
  2. Puma Asha Women’s Sneakers- $71.12 (last couple of runners I got, I was unsatisfied with my purchase afterwards)

Eating out:

  1. Snifiki Greek Restaurant w/BF- $29.08


Patience wins this time!

3 Dec

It’s been a month since I had a black out from the android world!  There have been many times where I wanted to pay a premium for short on supply Nexus 4.  But there was an inkling of hope that I can still buy it for MSRP at the Google Play store.

Today at 10:35AM, I received an email from Google announcing Nexus 4 would be available at NOON PST.  Excited, I hunkered down at my desktop… ready to spring into action with my F5 key.  I wanted to get the 8gb version, only to be disappointed when it didn’t go live at noon.  What was going on?  Google lies again!!

Later, my friend told me that the 16gb is available for sale, so I went over to add the 16gb version to my cart.  It took me a few tries to proceed to checkout, each time it didn’t go through, it stated:  “We experiencing higher than normal traffic, please try again.”  Low and behold, I finally got through and got an order confirmation!  It’s a little more than what I wanted to pay for the Nexus 4.  At least, I can put a lot of crap on this phone for years to come!

Now, I have secured a Nexus 4.  The wait begins as this device won’t ship out to me in 3-4 weeks time.  Hope that I receive it before Christmas.  My office is closed for the holidays… really hope UPS doesn’t just drop ship at the front entrance!

It’s a long and frustrating journey to just buy a piece of  pure android, but I’m glad that I waited instead of giving in!  Just last night, I was about to buy Sony Xperia Ion LT28i, 12MP, 16GB…

This is my Christmas present to myself 🙂

Side Note: 8gb version never did come up for sale for this second release for Canadians.  Limit was 1 per account.  I noticed the 16gb version was up for sale for an hour before it sold out again… delivery times became longer and longer.  Last I saw was 7-8 weeks for delivery.