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Goodbye Great Quest Metals!

14 Dec

Missed opportunity for me to cash out big on this stock.  I could have cashed out at its peak for $10,000.  But this little one didn’t go beyond my dreams of retirement.  Instead, I sold out at $1250 profit.

My hopeful hold out diminished as each day pass by while I cling to this penny stock.  For the past few months, it took a big stumble as the Mali rebels are over taking the region.  

Sometimes, it’s best to cut your losses or profits.  It might just come back to bite you in the arse.  2012 started off well for me, but mid way through, I sold out when I should have held on steady.  I made a few risky moves that cost me dearly.  Lesson learned.  

Time for me to recoup my losses and strike at it another day in 2013!