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Profits Slipping Through my Fingers

31 Jan

Remember when  I bought Intel last Friday along with my other trade transaction.  Damn, I shouldn’t have sold out on Apple… why do I always get so impatient with Apple!!  Story of my life.

Yesterday, Intel was soaring high, I probably had a good $200+ in profit on my hands yet I didn’t hit the sell trigger. Today, Intel fell 1% and I couldn’t let any profit diminish before my eyes.  So I decided to sell at a measly $66.50 profit less $10 in commissions and interest rate.  You know what, watch it go up the very next day LOL!

Jan 25th- Bought INTC on Margin:  500 @ $20.99/share
Jan 31st- Sold INTC on Margin:  500 @ $21.12/share

Side Note:  I got a call last night from MBNA offering their famous 0% balance transfer that is good till September 2013.  The caller ID was unknown, and I almost decided to give him my bank information over the phone to do the balance transfer until my mom whispers to me, don’t give him your bank account number!!  Just then, I woke up from my trance.  Sometimes, it’s easy to just give out your information over the phone.  He knew my account balance and all, he was probably legitimate.  But still, if he’s calling you and wants your information.  Please do not give it out!

Today, I logged into my MBNA account and transferred $8000.00 to my ING Chequing account in a secured environment.  This money will go towards my Questrade Margin account that usually costs me 6.25%.  Questrade increased their rates over the last while and I am not too happy with that.



Trade Alert

25 Jan
  1. Jan 25th- Sold CHE.UN in RRSP: 240 @ $16.48/share  |  Loss $24.00
  2. Jan 25th- Sold WYN on Margin: 100 @ $56.80/share  |  Gain $310.00
  3. Jan 25th- Sold AAPL in TFSA: 10 @ $441.50/share  |  Loss $703.94
  4. Jan 25th- Bought MA in RRSP: 10 @ $519.75/share
  5. Jan 25th- Bought V in TFSA: 27 @ $159.60/share
  6. Jan 25th- Bought INTC on Margin:  500 @ $20.99/share

Time to shake things up a bit.  I needed to infuse my portfolio with some good stable companies, so I decided to cut my losses in Chemtrade and Apple to buy Mastercard and Visa.

Chemtrade:  I’ve been overweight in Chemtrade for a while, the stock price has been flat ever since I bought into it.  However, I collected $0.10 per share each month from them, thus why, I kept it for so long.  I still have 300 shares left in my margin account and 1270 share in my TFSA.

Wynn:  This was bought on October 5, 2012 on purely margin.  I was looking for price appreciation.  The price on this stock was depressed for most of the time I held it.  Finally, it made a break for higher ground, so I decided to sell at a gain before it bottoms up again.

Apple:  I was up $500 on this baby when I held it in the first few days.  In hindsight, I should have sold it and taken the profit as I was on 100% margin.  But I decided to move the funds over to my TFSA where it ultimately cost me dearly.  Analysts are beating up Apple over its latest earnings report.  I still think Apple is a great company, but I can’t hold it any longer with losses up to my eyes.

Mastercard and Visa:  Both stocks, I have owned before and regretted selling them too early.  Now, I re-buy them at a higher price.  I am looking to hold them for a while to see if they will churn out even more gains.

Intel:  Bought this purely to make up some ground for my Apple loss.  Upcoming dividend of $0.2250/share will surely bring up the price a bit for the next week.

Last Night

15 Jan

Yummy, I had dinner at my parents.  They made spare ribs (dim sum style), cucumbers, soup with rice.  There was enough leftovers for me to make lunch out of it the next day!  

Sorting out the mail, I finally received $100 Visa gift card from RBC after meeting up with an account manager to go over my financials.  It was a very nice gesture!  This makes me want to deal with RBC more now than before.

I always get a $10 Telus credit on Wagjag every month.  If I don’t use it, $10 credit will not carry forward.  Last month, I decided to buy the Kellogg’s deal for $14-10 = $4 (my cost).  They sent me a package of cereal, snack chips and snack bars including some coupons in which three of the items were free!  

I showed up at Superstore around 10pm.  It was pretty dead, I picked up these items for free:

Overall, I had a nice night getting a free meal from my parents, a $100 gift card from RBC, and picking up my Kellogg’s breakfast items and snacks!

Quick Buy -> Quick Buy Mistake

11 Jan

Inspired by Liquid, I am putting myself heavier into margin.  What is a margin?  Well, it’s money borrowed from your discount stock brokerage.  They will charge you interest, till you pay them back for the amount you borrowed.

Today, I bought PWT on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Originally, I only intended to buy 300 shares.  But as I was multi-tasking between screens, I accidentally placed another additional 300 shares.  Now, I am left with 600 shares paying commission twice.  Don’t worry, I only pay $4.95 per trade.  But I am not pleased with myself.

This buy is a 2-3 week swing trade for me.  I anticipate PWT will go up by $1.00/share in the next few weeks.  Trading at its 52 week low, there might be a dead mouse bounce.  Or I could be wrong.  I got a tip, tips usually don’t work out for me.  But worth a try, LOL!

Disclosure:  Please do your own due diligence before putting money into any investments.  Do not mimic my trades as I am a casual amateur trader, not all my stocks are profitable.

Margin, TFSA, RRSP- My Portfolio

6 Jan

Last year, I did withdraw $4560.34 from my Scotia margin account when I sold off a couple of profitable stocks.

Here is my completed summary of my holdings as of January 4, 2013.

Portfolio Summary


Nickle and Dime

4 Jan

The Canadian deficit is growing bigger and bigger everyday.  Our government doesn’t know how to handle our hard earned taxpayer’s dollar, so they find ways to nickle and dime us as we start into the new year.

  1. Canada Post is increasing their postage stamps effective January 14, 2013.
  2. For BC residents, we are required to pay Medical Service Plan every month.  Effective January 1, 2013, rates are going up once again.
  3. Transit users are once again hit with a fare increase effective January 1, 2013.
  4. Expect a CPP and EI hike for 2013.  Your next paycheck will be lower in general.
  5. The new Port Mann bridge started their tolling system to pay off the $3.4 billion construction:  Tolls and Rates
    Be careful while crossing this notorious bridge, two weeks ago ice bombs were dropping on cars damaging several cars after the second snow fall of the season.  Police shut down the bridge for a few hours to de-icing the cables making sure it’s safe to drive.  Blame it on poor engineering design where the cables stretches across the car lanes.

    This morning, there was a 40 car pile up on the newly constructed Port Mann bridge due to icy road conditions.  Drivers couldn’t see the black ice as they drove across the bridge in the heavy fog.  Blame it on the maintenance crew.  Looks like the drivers involved in this incident will have to pay their deductible to ICBC.

    Decisions made in the government are always questionable.  They sure know how to make a mess of everything.  Look at the plagued Port Mann bridge, was it a $3.4 billion mistake?

    Luckily, I do not have to cross this bridge to work.  However, I did hit a patch of black ice on the small side road as I made a left and skidded towards the curb at a very slow speed… I was like UH-OH!  But I got away without a scratch. 



Wake up!

3 Jan

Jolted from my slumber at five in the morning, my whole body was drench with sweat.  Eww, gross I know.  Maybe, it’s the latte I had late last night.  I struggled to go back to sleep after two hours of scenerios running through my head on my life for this new year.  What am I going to do differently?  How am I going to make more money?

Finally, I got out of bed at 7am.  Logged onto my Questrade to transfer my 10 shares of AAPL from Margin to TFSA account.  Now, I worry if I over-contributed the $5,500 limit amount as the price will be determined by the end of today.  At the moment (7:23am), it is trading around $548.00.

Anyhow, I am going to get ready for work -_-

Another Year has Gone By

1 Jan

Our bellies are full from holiday dinners and gatherings.  Our wallets are a little lighter than most months.  Suffering and tragedies happen everyday in this world we all live in.  Be thankful as another year has gone by and you’re still here to see another sun rise.

Everyone is special in their own right.  Our DNA defines us.  Even identical twins have their own unique interests and personalities.  No one is perfect!  What is my point here?  Nothing in particular, just being a little philosophical here.

There is always someone who is smarter, prettier, richer than you.  Can you measure one’s intelligence?  There are tests to measure your IQ.  But there are some subjects that one can not fully excel at its optimal observance.  Can you measure one’s beauty?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone’s opinions are different from one another.  Can you measure one’s wealth?  Certainly, Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth.  According to Forbes, the richest person in 2012 is Carlos Slim at $69 Billion.  That’s a lot of money for just one person.  Well, he did earn it in his own right.  Carlos Slim is numero uno in the super rich.  Do you even know what he does?  Honestly, I haven’t heard of him till I looked up who is the richest person in the world?  He has been on top since 2010 after beating out Bill Gates who reigned the title for several years.

My goals are simple:  Save, invest and grow my wealth at a rapid speed where I can be comfortable in life.  As long as I have enough to not worry about the next pay check.