Last Night

15 Jan

Yummy, I had dinner at my parents.  They made spare ribs (dim sum style), cucumbers, soup with rice.  There was enough leftovers for me to make lunch out of it the next day!  

Sorting out the mail, I finally received $100 Visa gift card from RBC after meeting up with an account manager to go over my financials.  It was a very nice gesture!  This makes me want to deal with RBC more now than before.

I always get a $10 Telus credit on Wagjag every month.  If I don’t use it, $10 credit will not carry forward.  Last month, I decided to buy the Kellogg’s deal for $14-10 = $4 (my cost).  They sent me a package of cereal, snack chips and snack bars including some coupons in which three of the items were free!  

I showed up at Superstore around 10pm.  It was pretty dead, I picked up these items for free:

Overall, I had a nice night getting a free meal from my parents, a $100 gift card from RBC, and picking up my Kellogg’s breakfast items and snacks!

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