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Lazy Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs

7 Mar

This morning, I woke up 30 minutes earlier to throw a bunch of ingredients together into my slow cooker crock pot.  I found a recipe online where I had most of the ingredients at home.  The only thing I didn’t have was a potato, so I substitute it with a tomato instead.

Season the chicken broth with salt and dried thyme, then add seasoning salt, paprika, garlic powder to the chicken thigh.  Throw in all the veggies first then pour the broth over it before adding the chicken thighs on top.  A quick easy and cheap meal that will feed two adults:

3 chicken thighs- $1.562
carrots- $0.76
1 tomato- $0.63
quarter onion- $0.25
1 can chicken broth- $0.69
1 cup of rice- $0.26
Total Meal $4.15

Chicken Thigh Cooking in Crock Pot

This is what it looked like when I got home from work! All I have to do is cook my rice, then it’s time to eat!

All plated ready to eat!

Voila, here is what it looks like before I gobbled it down. The chicken was a bit dry, maybe it’s a slow cooker thing. I did leave it in for a good 8 hours when recipe only indicated 6 hours.

POT- Buy 200 shares @ $40.31

4 Mar

Trade Alert:  Added POT 200 shares @ $40.31 to my QT Margin account for swing trade.

Upcoming dividend date is around April 10, if I keep these shares till then, I will get $42.00 from POT.


Year 2012, a ton of regrets.

4 Mar

A series of mumbling that won’t really make sense to most of you, but I need to put this out there to get this off my chest.  

2012 was a very bad trading year for me.  I got impatient, I got greedy, I got anxious.  I sold out GOOD stocks for NOTHING.  All I can do now is recoup and start over again.

First mistake, I sold out IPL.UN, MA, SBUX in May 2012, when stocks faltered a bit after reaching its record high.  I kept loser stocks like Cliff Resources for no good reason, now I am stuck with a 50% loss that is bringing my portfolio down overall.

Second mistake, in summer of 2012, I was holding RCI.B 200 shares @ $36.85 and SJR.B 500 shares @ $19.68, eventually I sold them out for a loss to buy penny stocks that lead to a greater loss of $8,000.  Yes, I got greedy and it cost me dearly.  Today, RCI.B is at $49.38 and SJR.B is at $24.61 respectively. 

Third mistake, I sold half of my GOOG shares for $620.  When I first bought into the stock at $612.68/share, all it did was head below my buy in price.  I thought to myself, is this another APPL mistake?  When things started to turn upwards, I reduced my shares as half of it was on Margin.  If I had kept my orginal shares, I would be $5000 in the green.

One of my biggest regret is not selling Great Quest Metal at its peak.  I could have made a cool ten grand, instead I kept it and price went down and down till I sold out for a measly $1,250. 

Always be aware of your stock, in which direction it goes.  It may treated you well in the past but it can turn on you in an instant.  

Moral of the story, pick good stocks and hold on to them instead of following the next hot thing.  I don’t do much research myself on picking stocks.  I just go with my gut instincts.  I have held and sold out many stocks (Agrium, Great Quest, Mastercard, Starbucks, Visa) that went on to gain multiple times.  Maybe, it’s time for me to step back a bit and just stick with what I have instead of chasing a stock for quick profits.

Added Just Energy into my RRSP

1 Mar

265 shares @ $7.82

I had around $2100 cash in my RRSP, and I wanted to buy a stock that will give me steady  dividend.  With this stock, it is a little more riskier.  Once again, this is a low investment with the prospect that share prices might go up with dividends coming into my account every quarter.

Recently, Just Energy has been battered by shareholders as they slashed its quarterly dividend — effective April 30 — to 21 cents (8.95%) from 30.999 cents (13.21% yield!) in an effort to fund growth and build a cash reserve to pay down debt at maturity. 

In the meantime, they gained 10% more customers so there will be more profits to be made down the road.  I will continue to monitor and assess their stock price as it could go lower.  But as it is sheltered in my RRSP, I have all the time in the world to let this play out till the end.