Chicken Karaage!

20 Apr

Time for me to shake things up in the kitchen.  For my chicken thighs, I usually marinate them and stick them into the oven.  It’s the quick and easy route for a meal after work.  On Friday night, I decided to de-bone my three chicken thighs into bite size pieces to deep fry in oil.  I know it’s not the most healthiest recipe, but sometimes, you need that extra crunch in your bite!  Chicken Karaage originated from Japan and it is a popular appetizer dish at most Japanese restaurants!

This takes a little more time to prepare and cook.  There will be more dishes to wash indeed.  But I like to try new recipes and see how it goes!  The result was it was a little too salty (I kinda went off with the salt), not as crispy as I hope it be, but it was a yummy change for a night in for dinner.

What goes into the bit sized chicken? 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, sprinkle of salt, chopped up finely garlic & ginger.  Please marinate first and let it stand before adding in 1 egg and sprinkling the rest of the chicken with 1 tablespoon of flour & corn starch.  Mix well.  Transfer chicken over to pan with oil that will cover the chicken bites to fry.  Fry till golden brown usually takes 7-10 minutes.

How much did this dish cost?
Chicken Thigh- $1.56 (My last pack from American Costco)
Est Oil and other ingredients- $1.00
Total for Chicken Karaage- $2.56!

Restaurants usually charge around $5-8 for an appetizer... It takes time and skills to make it crispy and delicious!

Restaurants usually charge around $5-8 for an appetizer… It takes time and skills to make it crispy and delicious!

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