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My One Year Anniversary with Capital One Mastercard

17 May

My total cash reward for the year is $217.66 just for spending on my Capital One World Aspire Cash Mastercard.

Here is my breakdown:

Bonus Sign Up:  $100
1% earned for my total spendings:  $79.74
0.5% bonus 1 yr anniversary:  $37.92
Total Cash Reward:  $217.66

This means I spent $7,974.00 over the course of the year on my Captial One Mastercard.  Spending responsibly on your credit card can be quite rewarding as you can see.  Some personal finance gurus say credit cards are evil, use cash only… that’s the best way to limit your spending habits.  But with cash, you’re not getting rewards and you’re not keeping a detailed track record of your expenditures.

I am 100% pro credit card!  Just as long as you spend within your limits and pay off your balance on the due date!

Most of my gas/groceries purchases were made on my MBNA Smart Cash Mastercard.  It is only recently, I’ve been putting some of my gas/groceries charges through my Capital One.  I took out $8000 balance transfer from my MBNA Mastercard to take advantage of a promotion rate of 0% for 6 months.  If I put any purchases on that card, I will incur interest.  For the first month, I did not know this and put through some charges.  Now they will charge me interest on those purchases until I repay my full $8,000 loan to them.  Which is BS, since I paid more than the minimum balance to pay off those purchase charges.  But the way the balance transfer works, is if you put any purchases on that card, it will incur interest until your balance is paid in full.  So right now, I’m paying a few dollars in interest for my purchases, but no interest on my 0% transfer balance of $8,000.  Lesson learned!

Capital One Year Rewards


Whilst the market is up, Goldcorp is down!

17 May

WTF, is wrong with gold for the last few months?  People are falling out of love with gold!!  Simple as that.

Last time, I bitched about Gold, it went up the very next day.  Maybe, if I do it again, it’ll have a little run up the market?

Through all these years, I’ve never been a fan of Gold.  What does gold represent to make it such a high commodity?  When I think of Gold, they are used mostly to make jewelry, bars and coins… but I guess there are other things that require a spec of Gold in them.

But what made me buy into Goldcorp?  It was the monthly 5c dividend.  I should have known better.  I shouldn’t have let the price lure me in.

Now, I am down almost 20% on Goldcorp.  This is quite disturbing as I have 200 shares in this company where it has for the better part been a little lackluster.

I will continue to hold till I see green again.  But I can always bitch about it to make myself feel better.