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CSCO- Limit sell hit today!

30 May

CSCO buy on my part was due to quick jump in share price on May 15th, I bought at its day high early in the morning thinking it’ll keep on going up from there on out.  That did not transpired, so I held this stock for a couple weeks with depressed prices.  I wanted a quick profit to offset my penny stock loss of $34.61.  So today my limit sell hit today @ $24.55, I walk away with $35.00 profit.  Unfortunately, I missed out on $10 gain as CSCO went above my sell limit.  With the 15 days I held CSCO, the interest will eat into my questionable trades.

Nope, I didn’t blog about these two stocks before as they are just for play with my new dollar trades at Virtual Brokers.

Details below for a better understanding of what went down!