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Sold out Dollarama (DOL:CA)

27 Jun

Woot woot, I’m making my few bucks in this messed up markets.

Sold DOL:CA-  25 shares @ $74.11 

Profit:  $35 – $1.98 = $33.02

Number of days held:  17 days on MARGIN

The only regret I have with Dollarama was that I bought it the day before the markets went bonkers.  I could have bought them at a cheaper price ($67ish) and reap more rewards.  My timing is so off.  But whatever, I still come out with a little profit.  

I will revisit Dollarama when it comes back down below $70 buckeroos.

Note:  Sorry for the slangs in this post.  My portfolio took a big hit, and I’m still in a pissy type manner.

Chevron (CVX) Sold

26 Jun

Sold CVX 25 shares @ $118.22

Profit:  $23 – $1.98 = $21.02

Swing trade- 1 day hold

I really despise the markets right now, I do not want to be caught up in the down turn again. 


Bought Chevron (CVX) today

25 Jun

June 25th, I bought Chevron on margin in my Virtual Brokers.

CVX:  25 shares @ $117.30

Markets have been depressed of late.  When I checked my stocks on Monday morning, my heart sank a bit.  Red was blinking all around.  Monday’s sell off was hard to swallow.  My paper gains dropped hard and fast. 

Inter Pipeline Unis dropped 36% first thing in the morning.  TSX halted trading activity immediately to combat this forceful sell off.  Fortunately, when trading resumed a couple hours later, IPL.UN recovered and is trading at its normal price. 

This must be a trading error made by the big boys.  Floods in Calgary may have impacted this little fiasco.  Goes to show you how ruthless the markets can be, if you snooze a bit.  Disclosure:  I will continue to hold IPL.UN as I see no reason for this plunge to happen again.

But it sure did give me a scare though!  Just before I woke up, I had a dream about a tanker truck exploding on the highway as I was on ramp to enter.  Could this be a foreshadowing dream for things yet to come?

No Cable & No Data

21 Jun

OMG, you don’t have cable or data on your phone?  In this day and age, it is pretty standard for most people to have these “essentials” for their enjoyment.  But at what costs?

Nope, we don’t have cable at home!  We don’t have endless of channels to flip through when we are bored, jumping from channel to channel to find a decent show to watch for the time being.

We use HDTV antenna to watch a few given selected local channels.  HDTV antenna is a one time investment versus a monthly cable bill.   Most of the time, we download our favorite shows from the internet to watch it commercial free after it is aired on cable.

These are the channels we get from our HDTV antenna in the greater Vancouver area that we watch the most:

  1. 2.1 – CBC
  2. 8.1 – Global
  3. 17.1 – A Channel
  4. 32.1 – CTV
  5. 42.1 – Omni

Be warned:  Reception may not be best at times.  We lost a couple of channels recently.

Nope, I don’t have data on my LG Nexus 4!  Most of the time, I’m either at work or at home.  Both places, I have easy internet access.  If I am out and about, there are always a WiFi hotspot where I can get internet access on my phone.  I don’t always need to be connected per say.

By not having cable or data, we save around $100 per month easily.  This is our cost-effective ways to save money.  Keeping household expenses low is key for financial sustainability.

Can you cut these two expenses out of your life?  Some can, some can’t… it is up to you!

ING Direct introduces mobile deposit!

18 Jun

As you all know I am an ING Direct customer, I have their banking application on my mobile phone.  Today, I found out their cool feature of mobile deposit.  I decided to login to check it out for myself.  But I couldn’t find the new “deposit” feature on the bottom tabs.  A light bulb clicked, I haven’t updated my ING Direct app yet!  So I scooted over to my play store apps to update the newest version for ING Direct.  Voila, I am now able to snap pics of my cheque to make a deposit!

Step 1:  Select your account

Step 2:  Enter the amount of your cheque

Step 3:  Take a picture of your cheque front and back

Step 4:  Wait for confirmation

Step 5:  After ING Direct reviews your cheque, they will approve it or not.  Once approved, you can destroy your cheque.

ING DIrect Mobile Deposit

Hmm, looks like I’ll still have to deposit my monthly pay cheque at the ABM. At least, I have a credit union across the street from my work. PHEW!

Canadian banks are slow to act while other countries in the world have already adopted mobile cheque deposits as a daily occurrence.  Finally, ING Direct has joined the new wave of internet banking making it easier for Canadian customers to make a deposit without stepping foot into the bank.  However, there is a limit to the amount of money you can make a deposit with.  Anything over $1500, you would have to go to the bank physically to deposit the cheque at the ABM or bank teller.  Otherwise, you are free to snap pictures of your cheque and make a deposit directly into your bank account in your PJs.

UPDATE:  My mobile deposit limit is now $25,000!  

ING loves me!

I’m a valued customer with:

$800/daily cash limit
$2500/debit limit
$5000/hold limit on cheques

Agrium looks attractive ATM…

16 Jun

Seems like Agrium has fallen from its 52 week high.  Could this be an opportune time to swoop up some shares?  Could $90/share be the support mark for Agrium?

All these questions races through my head.  I have a habit of picking up bad stocks recently like Goldcorp for example.  So I definitely don’t want to repeat that mistake again.  Maybe buying on a down trend is not such a good idea… uness I can make a quick exit fast!

Looks like the market down turn came a month later compared to last year!  My portfolio was rocking just a few weeks ago from its highs.  Tragically, I didn’t take profit I wanted to get out of Baytex Energy Corp, RioCan Real Estate Trust, and Suncor.  Now, I’m stuck with them for a good while.   To be honest, I’m kinda pissed off at my stock portfolio.  It could have been greater, it could have been so much more than what it is today.  Yet, I keep on selling out good stocks for stupid stocks over the years.  Why do I end up keeping all these losers?

I need to develop a new trading regime.  I need to be more discipline in my trades.  No more wussy moves anymore.  Time to really step it up.

End of this year, I will need to liquidate at least  $50,000 of my portfolio for a down payment to my Condo.  So right now, I’m a little bit on edge.  I need to really lock in my big gains and walk away happy with no regrets.

I am 100% fully invested in stocks at the moment, and there can’t be any error.

Sold a couple of my swing trades today

14 Jun

I sold out 2 out of 4 recent swing trades:

  1. Kraft for a profit of $66.49
  2. Mastercard for a profit of $16.49.

99c per trade is great for maximizing your profits 🙂 Keep in mind, I bought these two along with Coke the day before the market took a plunger.  I held these two stocks for a total of 9 days.  This is exactly what I wanted to do, the timing of my trades were not so opportunistic.  Next time, I will be more careful with my swing trades.

Currently, I am still holding Coke on this swing trade.  As for my most recent swing trade: Dollarama, it has been take a beating in the last few days.  Hopefully, they don’t sink anymore from this.

Also, I got a reimbursement from Virtual Brokers for transferring over my stocks from Questrade for $131.25.  They were true to their word.


Today’s stock market a little depressing…

11 Jun

So I decided to buy 25 shares of Dollarama!  I’ve always liked shopping there for nick knacks.  I’ve watched them head to higher grounds when they first IPO’d at $20 per share.  

I’ve always been on the sidelines watching them go up and up, never putting down any money on them.  Today, I decided to take the plunge.  I might be buying at the top of the market for them, but let’s see how this will play out in the months to come.

Buy:  DOL.TO 25 shares @ $72.71

Spreading the good word!

7 Jun

There’s no benefit for me when it comes to spreading the good word around.  It’s not like I get any commissions out of it, I just like to see others benefit from certain financial products or deals of the day.  Yet, some people are resistant to my cost effective methods.

Some people just don’t like change.  Me either, but I will change for a better financial product if I deem it the right move.  Never am I loyal to a brokerage, credit card, or financial institution.

Brokerage History:
TD Waterhouse -> BMO Investorline -> Scotia Itrade -> Questrade  -> Virtual Brokers
Disclosure:  I still have Scotia Itrade/Questrade as my brokerages.

Commission History:

  1. TD- $29
  2. BMO- $29
  3. Scotia- $19.99, but increased to $24.99
  4. Questrade- $4.95 to $9.95
  5. Virtual Brokers- $0.99 to $9.99

As for credit cards, I have over 10 cards at one point.  I’ve always signed up for the next best thing.  The only two credit cards that I use and recommend now is MBNA Smart Cash Mastecard and Capital One World Aspire Cash Mastercard.  They have great cash back rewards and all the perks that a card will cover.  Plus there is NO annual fee.

I used to bank with BMO, Royal Bank, and TD… but those are a distant memory.  Basically, I bank for FREE with unlimited transactions at  PC Financial (ABM at CIBC/Superstore) and ING Direct (ABM at HSBC/Any credit unions that are part of the Exchange Network).  My chequing accounts even pays me a small interest for any balance!  My banking needs are simple:  pay my bills online, deposit money & withdraw cash from the ABM machine, debit purchases, write cheques from time to time.  My work pays me once a month by cheque, super old school.  But I have a credit union right across my work, so it’s super convenient now 🙂

Why do I need to wait in line for a teller?  Why do I need to waste that much time out of my day to do simple banking?  Maybe some customers feel tellers will get the job done right, but sometimes, tellers do make mistakes.  They like the face to face interaction, but some tellers aren’t all that nice and friendly.  Look you up and down, and judge you by your bank balance.

Banks make billions year after year at your expense.  They are always finding ways to nickle and dime you at every given opportunity.  Financial advisors are the worst of all, they make it known that they “know” everything about money… and you should trust them with your money.  Their tactic is to instill fear in you about money.  So they can make a nice cushy commission based salary at their pristine office.

People who are slow to act will lose out over time.  Quick minded people like me will always benefit by jumping the gun and getting the best deal from the get go.

This is my spending spree for the day!!

4 Jun

Without a doubt, I do have a spending spree tendency when it comes to stocks!  All of the purchases below are on MARGIN (not recommended for novice investors).  I am looking for a swing trade here, I didn’t put much thought into it and I don’t really care!!  At $1 per trade, I can make a quick profit here and there.  Let’s give this a try!!

June 4, 2013- Trades