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Sold a couple of my swing trades today

14 Jun

I sold out 2 out of 4 recent swing trades:

  1. Kraft for a profit of $66.49
  2. Mastercard for a profit of $16.49.

99c per trade is great for maximizing your profits ūüôā Keep in mind, I bought these two along with Coke the day before the market took a plunger. ¬†I held these two stocks for a total of 9 days. ¬†This is exactly what I wanted to do, the timing of my trades were not so opportunistic. ¬†Next time, I will be more careful with my swing trades.

Currently, I am still holding Coke on this swing trade. ¬†As for my most recent swing trade: Dollarama, it has been take a beating in the last few days. ¬†Hopefully, they don’t sink anymore from this.

Also, I got a reimbursement from Virtual Brokers for transferring over my stocks from Questrade for $131.25.  They were true to their word.