Welcome LIQ.TO and RCI.B.TO!

26 Jul

Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd is a longer term keeper as I don’t expect to see much volatility in this stock. This used to be a unit trust but converted into a stock recently.  I am a sucker for unit trusts that pays out on a monthly basis.  Almost at its 52 week low, their yield is looking pretty good at 6.15%.

LIQ.TO-  100 @ $17.56/share
Monthly dividend:  $9
Commission cost:  $1

I am going to revisit Rogers Communication Inc again.  I held this last summer at an attractive price and sold it at a loss when I was heavy on margin (Penny stock debacle days).  After I sold my 200 shares, RCI.B went skyward.  I missed out on some good gains.  Lately, RCI.B has taken some big hits from its 52 week highs due to an American competitor possibly entering the Canadian exclusive cellular market?  Ten dollar drop calls for some attention for sure.  Paying out a quarterly dividend yield of 4.2% seems mighty attractive to me.  Will this sink me or lead me to higher share prices down the road?

RCI.B.TO-  100 @ $41.45/share
Quarter dividend:  $44
Commission cost: $1

I like to buy bottom feeders for some reason.   But these are riskier in some ways… you could be buying on a down trend that can keep on going DOWN.  Most stocks I buy are relatively in healthy shape and will come back SOME DAY.

Maybe I should switch my strategy and start buying at the 52 week high and ride the uptrend rise!  Do you buy on 52 week lows or highs?


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