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Fresh Slice – Skimming off pennies

31 Jul

Today, I brought a nutella/peanut butter sandwich for lunch.  Usually, I don’t eat breakfast.  But lately, I haven’t been feeling well as my vision has been blurring with auras (symptoms of migraines).  Luckily, I didn’t get a migraine after my episode these last few times.  So I decided to eat half of my sandwich in the morning to be on the safe side.

As the story goes, I am still hungry come lunch time.  So I went to Fresh Slice to pick up a slice of pizza for $1.79 + GST = $1.88.

The lady would ring up the order on the till and it comes out to $1.88.  I paid with my credit card, she would round up and punch in $1.90!  Skimming me two cents!  The penny rule is only applicable to cash only, not credit cards.  You can actually punch in $1.88 on the credit machine, lady!

I didn’t complain to her that she’s actually overcharging me two cents.  But it’s starting to irk me.

Usually, I go for their Tuesday pizza deal which is $1.25 per slice!  I would get two slices for $2.50 + GST = $2.63.  Once again, she’d round up to $2.65 on my credit card.

I haven’t bought a slice for $1.25 + GST = $1.31.  Now, I wonder if she would round down as she’s suppose to or would she round up to $1.35?  By then, I would say something to her that she’s suppose to round DOWN to $1.30.