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Sell Target Limit Hit for Goldcorp (G.TO)

27 Aug

Can you believe just a couple of months ago I was down a good $2000 in paper loss for Goldcorp?

I had bought Goldcorp 200 @ $33.08/share on March 13, 2013 thinking that was their support line.  Little did I know would gold prices dip way below that support line.  Near the end of June 2013, Goldcorp hit a low of $23.26!  But I stayed strong and took it in stride by collecting their monthly $10 dividend.

For the past month, Goldcorp showed sign of recovery and has been steadily climbing up.  Yesterday, I saw the momentum and set my sell target price at $33.50/share hoping to get out of this stock before it takes a dive again.

This morning, my target hit above my asking price at $33.60/share instead.  Yipee!  I walk away with a capital gain of $104.00 minus commission.  Way better if I had chickened out and sold out for a loss, right?

Goldcorp Aug 27th

So the lesson here folks, even in the darkest days, if a stock has potential to climb its way out of its own dark hole, keep the sucker till you see a brighter day.

PS.  I never liked Gold as a stock, I was lured by their monthly dividend and their 52 week lows when I bought Goldcorp.  I thought I was buying at their bottom, but several months later, that’s not the case.  Sometimes, I shouldn’t chase after stocks on the cheap.  Cheap stocks have the potential to go either way.  Most of the time, I’ve taken a hit for the worse.


Buy Costco (COST) – 20 @ $112.00/share

26 Aug

Costco is popular.  I’ve been meaning to add COST to my portfolio for the longest time.  For some reason, I just held off.  When I first looked at it, COST was trading around their all time highs at $80/share.  Too bad, I didn’t take the first leap.

I am a little bit late to the rally party.  Recently, their share price has retracted a bit which calls for an opportunity for me to jump in.

I believe Costco is a major retailer that attracts a lot of customers though it’s only an exclusive club.  How many people do you know has a Costco membership?

Make a Danone Claim

22 Aug

To those who actually read my blog, I’m giving you the opportunity to make a claim from Danone Yogurt for $30 and they will send you a cheque. (Applicable to Canadian residents)

Sign this claim form above, get $30 from Danone Yogurt.  Apparently this lady sue Danone for false advertisement, didn’t make her digestive enough… she settled for $1.25 million.
You can make a claim too, but only $30 you can claim.  Unless you have a receipt, then u can claim $30-100 depending on purchase amount.
This claim is only valid till August 27, 2013.  So fill it out as soon as you can!
Who doesn’t like free money?!

Bills Bills Bills

21 Aug

Bills are coming up.  The amounts are mounting up to make a dent in my savings for sure!  This is a combination of car insurance renewal, flight to Costa Rica, and daily expenses.

Capital One Mastercard balance due by Sept 3, 2013:  $373.17

CIBC Visa balance due by Sept 9, 2013:  $1,134.60

Repay my 0% balance transfer back to MBNA by Sept 16, 2013:  $7,541.33
This short term loan of 0% ended costing me $80 (1% balance transfer fee), original balance of $8,000.  I used most of the money to purchase Suncor in February 2013.  I held this stock for 153 days and ended up making $169.05 profit.  If I had held it till today, my profit would have been higher.  The time I held this stock, it was in the negative.  So once the stock jumped back up, I decided to take the profit.  

Pending transactions and accumulating by the minute:
Capital One Mastercard balance due by Oct, 2013:  $1,713.18



Paypal is a leecher!

20 Aug

My generous cousin from Asia decided to send me $150 CAD through Paypal for her beloved McD Minions, a part of the monies is for other things.

Paypal has a processing fee of 4.1% to the receiver.  So they took a cut of $6.15, I ended up receiving $143.85.  

Paypal charges a withdrawal fee of $0.50 for amounts under $150.00.  I get dinged again for transferring the money to my bank account. -_-

That’s the costs for sending money internationally.  

Withdraw Funds to a Bank Account (Unique Transaction ID # )
Total amount:   -$143.85 CAD
Fee amount:   -$0.50 CAD
Net amount:   -$143.35 CAD

Date:   Aug 20, 2013
Time:   14:41:53 GMT-04:00
Status:   Pending
  You made a request to transfer money from your PayPal account to your bank account. The transfer will complete in 5-7 days.

Bank Account
Transfer to:   ING DIRECT Chequing (Unconfirmed) x-XXXX

Wednesday/Thursday is the day to book flights for Delta!

16 Aug

Guess what?  I’m heading off to Costa Rica for ten days end of November 2013!  It’s not a trip that I really want to go on (money-wise), but somehow I got roped into going with a few girl friends.  They all make more than I do, so it’s easy for them to just take off on a whim.  This will definitely set me back a couple grand.  I will sell my LIQUOR stock to cover the trip, hopefully by then, it will recover above my buy in price.  Ah, I’m just joking, I do have reserves outside from my stock portfolio.  Just I don’t like to see it go down, since my condo is finishing up around the same time when I’m gone come to think of it.  Ah, hectic times!

Back on the topic of what days to book cheaper flights during the week.  After Capital One Mastercard received my $200 payment, I ended up booking my flight at Delta on Tuesday night just before midnight for $788.91.  All my friends had booked their flights on the previous night on Monday.

I’m the type of person who is compulsive checker.  Come Wednesday night, I  decided to check the same flights on Delta to see if there was a price difference.  It quoted me $733.91!  It was $55 cheaper.  Being the deal saver I am, I called Capital One Mastercard first to ask if I can get a credit of $55.  One of their benefits on their card is price protection.  But guess what, I’d have to call back during regular working hours from 8am-8pm eastern time for their World Travel Benefits hotline.  So no luck there.

Not giving up, I called Delta directly and explained my situation.  Since, it was within a 24 hour period, Delta was willing to void my first ticket, but I would have to re-purchase the flight again on the cheaper quote.  This means that I will get a full refund on my Capital One Mastercard, and the refund will not show up on my account for another 5-7 business days.  Once again, the $3000 credit limit is screwing me again!  I can’t put the re-purchase back on my Capital One Mastercard, cause I just don’t have enough credit!

I weighed my options:  Savings of $55 vs Capital One 1.5% cashback ($11.83) plus other travel protection perks from the card.  I decided to go ahead and re-purchase the flight at $733.91 on another credit card.

Wednesday/Thursday is the day to book flights for Delta Airlines.  Usually mid week, prices goes down for some reason.  It’s Friday today, I checked again.  Prices for the same flights are back at $788.91.

So my whole debacle with Capital One not giving me enough credit saved me $55 in the end.  Too bad, I didn’t get the 1.5% cashback.  Oh wells, c’est la vie!

Always in a bunch

12 Aug

Seems like whenever I need a certain amount of credit I just don’t have it!  All my major purchases are clustered together.  Pisses me off with a measly $3000 limit on my Capital One Aspire Cash MasterCard.  Over the weekend, I bought a new bike and renewed my car insurance shrinking my credit balance to $750.  Today, I was short $30 to book a flight to Costa Rica!  I already made $200 payment to the credit card but it hasn’t shown up yet as it usually takes 2-3 business days.  Seems like the seats on the flights are being snatched up.  I just hope to be able to book the same flights with my friends and that the prices of the tickets doesn’t go up.  

I think $5000 credit limit is the best to have minimum.  Anything less when booking a trip just doesn’t cut it.

Quest for Minions…

9 Aug

It all started with a pre-screening for Despicable Me 2 out in Langley Colossus.  BF and I never have seen the first movie, but we thought we give this a shot since it was for free!  We absolutely loved the cute Minions in the movie… they are hilarious!

Early July, McDonald’s started their Happy Meal toys:  Minions!  They come in a set of eight.  When I first found out about them, I convinced BF to walk over to a nearby MCD for a late night Happy Meal snack feast which includes Minions!

Happy meal box has free kiddie cone offer for a limited time. $3.99 + tax each meal which includes a toy!


Dave Banana Babbler & Jerry Whizzer Whistler was our first score.  Little did I know, Dave Banana Babbler would be a very sought after minion of the bunch.

I was happy with my two minions, but BF wanted to collect them all.  So our quest for Minions started.  We are lucky to live in an area condense with McDs where we can easily access the Minions.  One by one, we checked off our Minions from the list.  There’s only one minion that have eluded us.  It was Tom Babbler #1.  We started late and had missed out on the #1 release.  This was the only one missing from our collection!

The promotion for Minions at McD’s has ended on July 27th.  Last night, I met up with a seller from Craigslist and bought Tom Babbler #1 at an inflated price of $7.  She was on time and true to her word, and I’m glad I got it from her unlike another source I had (Tell you that in a bit).  Finally, my set of minions is completed!

Apparently, in Asia, Minions are all the craze there.  Big line ups at MCD just for Minions!  My cousin from Asia reached out to me to see if I can get her North American Minions.  Different regions of the world carried different Minions!  We decided to trade with each other though it was tougher for her to get Minions than me!  Unfortunately, she asked me later in July when the promotion was well under its way.

Minion craze in Asia, lineup in Singapore.

Minion craze in Asia, lineup in Singapore.

One weekend, I hit up a lot of MCDs driving around and ended buying 6 out of the 8 Minions for my cousin.  Success!  But Tom Babbler #1 and Dave Banana Babbler #3 are the hardest to get because they are voice animated.   Tom Babbler #1 laughs with “HA HA HA WHA?”.   Dave Banana Babbler #3 babbles with ” OH BA-NA-NA OH” when you tug at his banana from him.

Anyways, I found a source (friend of a friend) which proved to be an utter failure this morning.  This source said they were going to put the two Minions I had requested in their mailbox for me to pick up this morning.  I showed up at 7am like I said I would.  Guess what?  The mailbox was empty.  I waited for a good 30 minutes, trying to get a hold of them by text/call/knocking on their door even but to no availability.  I had to go to work, so I left empty handed.

I’ve been trying to get a hold of this “source” for over a week with a blackout.  Finally, this person got back to me promising me that I can get the Minions for $10, but they are extremely busy to meet up.  We exchange several text messages, and I felt like they were going to come true finally, only to be slapped in the face when I left empty handed.  Even as I write this, I still haven’t heard back from them.  This is a second phase of blackout.

In hindsight, I should have gone to a more reliable source than to wait for promises that proved to be fruitful.  I should have bought  Banana Babbler #3 from the lady last night instead of relying on this other source.

For the sake of it all, do what you intend to do.  Don’t make others wait around for nothing.   Don’t ignore my texts/calls.  If they didn’t want to put the Minions out for me, at least inform me ahead of time so I don’t waste my time driving a good 20+ minutes out of my way for these Minions.

I am a very punctual person.  I am always early or on time.  If I am late on the rare occasion, I will let the other party know that I’m running a little late.

There needs to be accountability in one’s actions.  Some people prove to be unreliable and not true to their word.  The only redeeming quality for them is to inform the other party of their intentions whether it’s for the better or worse.

Visa addition 23 @ $180.50/share

8 Aug

I bought Visa in hopes it will go up like Mastercard 🙂

My total shares for Visa is 50 now!

I bought Visa when it first IPO’d.  If I only kept my original shares… I’d be $10,000 richer!  But I sold out for a measly $2000 gain.  My heart aches when I let go winners and keep losers…

Now, I try to accumulate some good stocks for keepers.

BC Day Long Weekend

6 Aug

Summer is passing me by way too fast.  Long weekend in sight, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather we’ve been getting in Vancouver.

Friday was the only day that was kinda off.  but I wanted to take BF to the night show at the HR MacMillin Space Center.  We went to check out the observatory after the show, but we couldn’t see the stars as it was cloudy that night.  Maybe, we’ll go back on a clear night to check out how powerful big telescope really is.

Saturday was overcast, perfect weather to tour around an organic  blueberry farm.  They import ladybugs from the mountains of California to control the pests around the farm.   We got a 5 pound bucket of blueberries!

Tour of blueberry farm in Langley

Tour of blueberry farm in Langley


Old junk turned into decorative pieces to owner's eyes

Old junk turned into decorative pieces to owner’s eyes

Sunday, I finally convinced BF to try out Wildplay in Maple Ridge.  It’s a tree-top obstacle course that challenges you to independently climb, zip line, and swing closer to nature.  BF thought it would be a short course and not worth the money.  At the end of it, BF had a ton of fun.   I knew he’d love monkeying around the tree tops!  It took us about 2 hours to complete it, but we could have finished it faster if we didn’t have to wait for people in front of us.  Nice to have a breather though!

BC Day, we took our bikes on the Skytrain to Waterfront Station to go riding around Stanley Park seawall, English Bay, then back home!  It was a long trek, but we had breaks in between with a good Mediterranean chicken/pulled pork sandwich for lunch and ice cream/coke at MCD 🙂