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Quest for Minions…

9 Aug

It all started with a pre-screening for Despicable Me 2 out in Langley Colossus.  BF and I never have seen the first movie, but we thought we give this a shot since it was for free!  We absolutely loved the cute Minions in the movie… they are hilarious!

Early July, McDonald’s started their Happy Meal toys:  Minions!  They come in a set of eight.  When I first found out about them, I convinced BF to walk over to a nearby MCD for a late night Happy Meal snack feast which includes Minions!

Happy meal box has free kiddie cone offer for a limited time. $3.99 + tax each meal which includes a toy!


Dave Banana Babbler & Jerry Whizzer Whistler was our first score.  Little did I know, Dave Banana Babbler would be a very sought after minion of the bunch.

I was happy with my two minions, but BF wanted to collect them all.  So our quest for Minions started.  We are lucky to live in an area condense with McDs where we can easily access the Minions.  One by one, we checked off our Minions from the list.  There’s only one minion that have eluded us.  It was Tom Babbler #1.  We started late and had missed out on the #1 release.  This was the only one missing from our collection!

The promotion for Minions at McD’s has ended on July 27th.  Last night, I met up with a seller from Craigslist and bought Tom Babbler #1 at an inflated price of $7.  She was on time and true to her word, and I’m glad I got it from her unlike another source I had (Tell you that in a bit).  Finally, my set of minions is completed!

Apparently, in Asia, Minions are all the craze there.  Big line ups at MCD just for Minions!  My cousin from Asia reached out to me to see if I can get her North American Minions.  Different regions of the world carried different Minions!  We decided to trade with each other though it was tougher for her to get Minions than me!  Unfortunately, she asked me later in July when the promotion was well under its way.

Minion craze in Asia, lineup in Singapore.

Minion craze in Asia, lineup in Singapore.

One weekend, I hit up a lot of MCDs driving around and ended buying 6 out of the 8 Minions for my cousin.  Success!  But Tom Babbler #1 and Dave Banana Babbler #3 are the hardest to get because they are voice animated.   Tom Babbler #1 laughs with “HA HA HA WHA?”.   Dave Banana Babbler #3 babbles with ” OH BA-NA-NA OH” when you tug at his banana from him.

Anyways, I found a source (friend of a friend) which proved to be an utter failure this morning.  This source said they were going to put the two Minions I had requested in their mailbox for me to pick up this morning.  I showed up at 7am like I said I would.  Guess what?  The mailbox was empty.  I waited for a good 30 minutes, trying to get a hold of them by text/call/knocking on their door even but to no availability.  I had to go to work, so I left empty handed.

I’ve been trying to get a hold of this “source” for over a week with a blackout.  Finally, this person got back to me promising me that I can get the Minions for $10, but they are extremely busy to meet up.  We exchange several text messages, and I felt like they were going to come true finally, only to be slapped in the face when I left empty handed.  Even as I write this, I still haven’t heard back from them.  This is a second phase of blackout.

In hindsight, I should have gone to a more reliable source than to wait for promises that proved to be fruitful.  I should have bought  Banana Babbler #3 from the lady last night instead of relying on this other source.

For the sake of it all, do what you intend to do.  Don’t make others wait around for nothing.   Don’t ignore my texts/calls.  If they didn’t want to put the Minions out for me, at least inform me ahead of time so I don’t waste my time driving a good 20+ minutes out of my way for these Minions.

I am a very punctual person.  I am always early or on time.  If I am late on the rare occasion, I will let the other party know that I’m running a little late.

There needs to be accountability in one’s actions.  Some people prove to be unreliable and not true to their word.  The only redeeming quality for them is to inform the other party of their intentions whether it’s for the better or worse.