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Always in a bunch

12 Aug

Seems like whenever I need a certain amount of credit I just don’t have it!  All my major purchases are clustered together.  Pisses me off with a measly $3000 limit on my Capital One Aspire Cash MasterCard.  Over the weekend, I bought a new bike and renewed my car insurance shrinking my credit balance to $750.  Today, I was short $30 to book a flight to Costa Rica!  I already made $200 payment to the credit card but it hasn’t shown up yet as it usually takes 2-3 business days.  Seems like the seats on the flights are being snatched up.  I just hope to be able to book the same flights with my friends and that the prices of the tickets doesn’t go up.  

I think $5000 credit limit is the best to have minimum.  Anything less when booking a trip just doesn’t cut it.