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Bills Bills Bills

21 Aug

Bills are coming up.  The amounts are mounting up to make a dent in my savings for sure!  This is a combination of car insurance renewal, flight to Costa Rica, and daily expenses.

Capital One Mastercard balance due by Sept 3, 2013:  $373.17

CIBC Visa balance due by Sept 9, 2013:  $1,134.60

Repay my 0% balance transfer back to MBNA by Sept 16, 2013:  $7,541.33
This short term loan of 0% ended costing me $80 (1% balance transfer fee), original balance of $8,000.  I used most of the money to purchase Suncor in February 2013.  I held this stock for 153 days and ended up making $169.05 profit.  If I had held it till today, my profit would have been higher.  The time I held this stock, it was in the negative.  So once the stock jumped back up, I decided to take the profit.  

Pending transactions and accumulating by the minute:
Capital One Mastercard balance due by Oct, 2013:  $1,713.18