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Making some changes to my TFSA

27 Sep

Today, I sold out 1270 shares of CHE.UN for $16.96 in my TFSA account. Fact was that CHE.UN took up 20% of my overall portfolio. The time I held onto this unit trust, I’ve collected a fair amount of distribution.

Anyways, I replaced it with 15 shares of MA at $679.50 for now. I am hoping I didn’t screw myself over in the months ahead. But I felt like it was time to say goodbye to CHE.UN and add more stake to Mastercard where it has really appreciated.

Also, I sold out QCOM – 25 @ $67.18 in my TFSA.

I plan on adding more Mastercard to my TFSA until my cash balance is zero. For now, I don’t want to add too much near their 52 week top.

I believe Mastercard has a strong chart and I am regretting that I didn’t ride this baby out from the start. When I first entered MA, it was around the $300-$350 range. I regret how impatient I was in May 2012 where I sold MA out for little profit. Look at it now, $680 range! Wow, I totally miss out some good gains. But now, I will hold this baby for a while till it fully matures. I will not sell out like the many times I have before.

I’m just thinking out loud. Sorry, if this is a bit confusing. I am not the type of person of analyzing stocks and giving you all the jazz about it.

If I like the stock and believe in it, I will buy it.

History recap, just at the top of my head with approximate numbers:

  1. I bought 200 shares of SBUX at $18, but sold out at $52.15.
  2. I had 200 shares of Visa at $70 at one point, but sold out for $2000 profit.  Fucken big mistake that was.
  3. I bought 10,000 shares of GQ at 15 cents, but eventually sold out at $1500 gain.  I could have sold out at their peak and made a cool $10k profit, but I held too fucken long!
  4. I bought 200 shares of AGU at $50 on margin, but got scared of the dip in the next few days and sold out at a loss.   Then I re-bought them at $70 and sold out for a $2000 gain.
  5. I bought 50 shares of GOOG at $612.00, but I sold half of it for a measly $100 gain because that portion was on margin.

~I lied, I added two more stocks today~

25 Sep

These two stocks will be in my longer hold section inside my USD Margin portfolio:

1 share of Priceline (PCLN) @ $997 (no dividend, purely growth stock)

10 shares of Lockheed Martin Corporation @ $128.15 ($1.15/quarter dividend)

Finally! Paper gains over $20k!!

20 Sep

For the first time ever, I am above $20k in paper gains!  This can be wiped away in an instant come next Monday morning.  But I got this weekend to enjoy the fact I build it up from scratch.  

My beginnings were humble.  For the first three years of my working life, I was stuck at a dead end job making $10 per hour.  They never gave me a raise and took advantage of me.  Enough was enough, I managed to find another job that paid only a little higher at $12 per hour.  For the next six years, I got steady raises year after year.  Yet, it wasn’t enough to keep up with others in my peer group.  During all that time, my full-time take home pay never exceeded $28k a year.  August in 2008, I took in a part-time job where I worked an extra 16 hours a week to push my income up.  

I kept my expenses low as I lived with my parents and saved as much as I can to put into the stock market.  It’s not like I lived in a hole either.  During this time, I’ve bought a brand new Civic.  I’ve traveled to Portugal for 2 weeks, 17 days Contiki tour around Europe, 2x in Vegas, Cuba, Cancun, Disneyworld, Mediterranean Cruise and of course, my upcoming trip to Costa Rica!  Amazing, right?  Yet, I’ve never been in debt even with my LOW ASS WAGES!  

As of now, I am at my current position for just over a year making not much higher from where I left off at my last job.  But I am comfortable enough to cut my part-time hours to just 8 hours a month.  I am hoping to grow my stocks and dividends over time so I don’t have to worry too much about money.






Lowering Position in CHE.UN

18 Sep

Once Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund hits above $17 per share mark, I will be lowering my CHE.UN holdings in my TFSA account.  They haven’t been performing as well as I had hope in the past while.  Quite frankly, I am tired of seeing stagnant stocks in my portfolio.  It’s nice receiving 10 cents per share every month though.  I’ve collected enough to say goodbye to this stock.  I’ve put a lot of money into them, but it’s probably better somewhere else.  Or should I just tough it out and keep the way things are??  Ahh, every time I sell, stocks seems to go up…

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Costco Run down in the States

15 Sep

Last Friday, I headed down to Bellingham with a friend after work.  The border line up was a 20 minute wait.  By the time we reached Costco, it was 7pm.  They close at 8:30pm, so we fought through the crowds and picked up some groceries in a jiffy.

Next on our list was to fill up my running empty tank, I had just enough to make it down there.  Gas is so much cheaper down in the states.  I paid $40 for the fill up versus the usual $60.

After a quick bite at Taco Bell and Arby’s for dinner, we headed to Ross. There, I found a cute top for myself and Hello Kitty dress for my niece for $10.99 a piece.   We also shopped at Walmart and Fred Meyers where I bought a few more things.  I picked up some cheap chicken breasts and Vitamin Water for 69 cents.  Apparently, you don’t have to pay deposit and recycling fee.

Just before midnight, we made our way back to the border.  The crossing took us 10 minutes or so.  It was a successful trip.  We both got what we wanted from crossing the border.

Deal of the night… A whole roasted chicken at Costco for $4.99.  This chicken provided many meals for my bf and myself.

Lunch#1- carved a few pieces and served it with fries

Dinner#1- chicken fajita with pepper, celery, onion and cheese

Lunch#2- scrambled egg with shredded chicken & onions and served it with hash browns

Dinner#2 & leftovers for lunch#3- macaroni with shredded chicken and mixed veggies in cream of mushroom

Dinner#3- shredded chicken with roasted potatoes and turnip

Paid off my balance transfer today!

13 Sep

Back in February 2013, I was offered 0% balance transfer from MBNA Smart Cash Mastercard.  I transferred $8,000 over to my brokerage account to buy Suncor.  As the story goes, I sold out Suncor for a measly $70.05 profit plus $99.00 in dividends.  After I sold Suncor, the share price kept on climbing as Warren Buffet decided to put stake in them!  If I had kept Suncor till today, I would have profited $1510.05!!

My instincts were wrong and I fell short of achieving a great return from Suncor big time!

Today, I paid back MBNA $7,441.93 to bring my balance transfer to zero.  My 0% promotional rate ends on September 16, 2013.  There is a 1% transfer out fee, so this “0% promo rate” actually cost me $80 for the past six months.

I received a letter from MBNA.  I am invited to upgrade to the no-annual-fee MBNA Smart Cash World Mastercard!  I can start enjoying 5% cash back all over again on eligible gas and grocery purchases for the first six months.  After six months, it will revert to 2% on eligible gas and grocery purchases.  All other purchases, I can earn 1% with no limit to the cash back I can earn.

MBNA Smart Cash World

Since I am back to zero balance in my MBNA Smart Cash, I have accept their Smart Cash World offer.  For the next six months, I will put all my gas and groceries to my new card!  Let the cash back begin!  If I spend $1600 in the next six months in gas and groceries, my cash back will cancel out my $80 transfer out fee!  Easy peasy, I spend around $120/mo on gas and $130/mo on groceries.

Done deal!

By the way, CIBC Visa is offering me a 0% balance transfer promotion… tempting, but I think I better not since I have a mortgage to take out coming up very soon.


Bought FTS.TO 150 @ $30.14

11 Sep

True to my word, I set forth my plan of action by buying Fortis Inc this morning.  My trading cost me $1.50.

I might have to sell off some stocks near the end of the year to finance my mortgage.  For now, I’m going to let my stocks ride out this next couple of months untouched.  BOOYA.


I am going to buy Fortis Inc

10 Sep

Gas and electricity is a first world luxury that we hardly think about.  The bill comes and we pay it.  Fortis Inc is a distributing facility that is serving homes and businesses in five Canadian provinces and other places.

I’m at it again buying a 52 week low stock:  Fortis Inc.  (FTS.TO) with a Div/Yield of 0.31/4.12%.  This will be a longer term hold for me.  Buy and forget about it stock.

This will be the last stock purchase for 2013, unless I sell a stock and have cash on my hands again.

Hibernation portfolio is in effect as of Sept 11th.


IPL.UN has turned into a Corporation

9 Sep

On September 3, 2013, Inter Pipeline Fund has successfully converted from a unit trust to a corporation.  They changed their ticker symbol from IPL.UN to IPL.

Through this conversion, my average price is skewed as they “received” my 435 shares @ $24.458 as of September 3, 2013 in my Questrade RRSP account.  That is not my average cost, so I have to go back into my account history and dig up my original purchase price plus all the DRIP shares I’ve accumulated since February 2013 to calculate my average cost.  What a pain in the arse!

January 23, 2012:
429 @ $18.0033 = $7,723.45

DRIP shares from Feb-Aug/2013:
6 @ $23.6817 = $142.09

Total Average Cost:  435 @ $18.0817= $7,865.54

Mortgage Interest Rates

6 Sep

My pre-construction condo is finishing up by December 2013.  So it is time to shop around for the best Mortgage rate!  But I am having a hard time deciding between fixed or variable rates.

I’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage from CIBC and RBC.  Apparently, both banks do not offer any variable rates for less than 5 yrs.   For comparison purposes, I’ve also added in ING rates that I got from their website.   I’ll be paying a minimum 20% of the purchase price.

Fixed 3 yr 3.19% 3.09%
Fixed 4 yr 3.39% 3.29%
Fixed 5 yr 3.29% 3.59% 3.79%
Variable 5 yr 2.60% 2.60% 2.75%

(I still have to find out the rates from CIBC for fixed 3 yr and 4 yr rates.)

Rates are at its all time lows.  I’m kind of leaning towards the variable rate, but I might get screwed over if rates start to rise over the next few years.  A lot of people are saying to lock in your rates before it increases…

I need to find out if certain mortgages are breakable without much penalty.  Decision, decisions!