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Finally! Paper gains over $20k!!

20 Sep

For the first time ever, I am above $20k in paper gains!  This can be wiped away in an instant come next Monday morning.  But I got this weekend to enjoy the fact I build it up from scratch.  

My beginnings were humble.  For the first three years of my working life, I was stuck at a dead end job making $10 per hour.  They never gave me a raise and took advantage of me.  Enough was enough, I managed to find another job that paid only a little higher at $12 per hour.  For the next six years, I got steady raises year after year.  Yet, it wasn’t enough to keep up with others in my peer group.  During all that time, my full-time take home pay never exceeded $28k a year.  August in 2008, I took in a part-time job where I worked an extra 16 hours a week to push my income up.  

I kept my expenses low as I lived with my parents and saved as much as I can to put into the stock market.  It’s not like I lived in a hole either.  During this time, I’ve bought a brand new Civic.  I’ve traveled to Portugal for 2 weeks, 17 days Contiki tour around Europe, 2x in Vegas, Cuba, Cancun, Disneyworld, Mediterranean Cruise and of course, my upcoming trip to Costa Rica!  Amazing, right?  Yet, I’ve never been in debt even with my LOW ASS WAGES!  

As of now, I am at my current position for just over a year making not much higher from where I left off at my last job.  But I am comfortable enough to cut my part-time hours to just 8 hours a month.  I am hoping to grow my stocks and dividends over time so I don’t have to worry too much about money.