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GOOGLE has reached over $1000 per share!

18 Oct

Lately, I’ve been a little put off with blogging. Mostly due to the fact that I don’t get any recognition from other PF bloggers around the web plus the first couple weeks of October, my stocks took an overall beating in the markets.  Anyways, did ya all miss me?  Hello, anyone out there?  Am I just writing to myself?  LOL.

You can say I’m a stock rogue.  How many other Dividend Stock Bloggers out there own Google?  I haven’t seen Google in any of their portfolio except for my good pal: Freedom35.  Google doesn’t pay out a dividend, so “Dividend Bloggers” avoid it like a plague.  But Google is a good value play and still growing everyday.  For me, I am looking for share appreciation.  You know what?  I made a pretty penny out of it.

So how come I’m not on this SAVEINVESTGIVE blog’s list of portfolios?  It’s a great list of other blogger’s portfolio, I like to see what other people are investing in.  But I haven’t seen a single Google share held by any of them.  Go figure?  *Update:  I did make it on after all!*

My stock weightings are all over the place.  I invest heavily in a few selected stocks to just gobbling up one share in PRICELINE.  I don’t really diversify… it might catch up to me one day, but right now, I am doing fine.  I buy what I like when I like.  I don’t conform.  You need to realize that you’re the only one in charge of your own portfolio.  Listening to others will just be following the pack… not really breaking away and making it big.

Enough bitching for the day, I’m done.