December could be grouchy for stocks…

4 Dec

November flew by too fast with some awesome gains.  For the first two trading sessions for December, it ain’t looking good for stocks.  BMO took a big hit yesterday.  Down $3.28 to $70.25, biggest single day loss in a long time for BMO.  It was doing so stellar in the past few months.  BMO has become oversold and may be a good to pick up some shares??  BMO is in my tax sheltered RRSP account, so I won’t touch it.  Even though, I want to take some profit off the table…

Anyways, I updated my stock portfolio and dividends.

My closing date for my Condo is in January 2014.   Scrambling to get my mortgage together to get it notarized.  This is a first purchase on my own so I am learning the ropes of home ownership.  Hopefully, I will be able to find a suitable tenant for my unit that won’t cause me too much headache.  Clock is ticking.

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