Snow is falling lightly…

10 Dec

Indicating that Christmas is just around the corner.  Tis the time to bust out your wallet/purse for gifts.  Luckily for me, I don’t have a big list of people that I have to buy gifts for.  In turn, saving me the headache of gift hunting and money!  I hate buying gifts, cuz I never know what to get!  Unless, they ask for it.  I think that’s the best way of buying gifts is when people give you a shopping list to buy from!  For my niece, my sister told me to get her Frozen Princess from Disney Store.  Bam, done!  I also got her an interactive Minion for her, cuz she kept on playing with my MCD Minion collection.  I can be generous if I choose to be.

Buying gifts are a waste of money.  Christmas is just another commercial holiday to make the masses spend more money from decorations to parties to gifts.  Most of the time, you’re just making a big guess as to what the recipient would like for a gift.  You’ll probably end up buying something that might just end up collecting dust.  

I received a Kobo Reader and Electric Toothbrush from my BF.  They’re really nice gifts and all, expensive too… but knowing myself, I won’t USE them.  So I made BF return the gifts, so I ended up with nothing!!  But at least, I know his money isn’t spent on useless stuff.  It kinda made him feel bad, but it’s the thought that counts.

Not to bring down Christmas and all.  That’s just what I think behind it.  Sometimes, I feel like a scrooge.  Bah hum bug.


2 Responses to “Snow is falling lightly…”

  1. Alex Yang (@yyangalex) December 12, 2013 at 2.33 #

    shoulda kept the e-reader. that would come in handy when travelling right?

    i got my GF a pair of winter boots that she ALMOST bought last year lol. back then, we thought it was on sale, but turns out only the brown color, not black, which was still 200! this year it was 200 again but on Black Friday they had an extra 30% so i got it for 140! good thing i got it at 1am on black friday cuz next morning they were out of size 5s!

    • agentfang December 13, 2013 at 2.33 #

      I wouldn’t mind the e-reader, it’s just that you have to buy the e-books… which goes against my savings tactics. Besides, I always never finish a book these days.

      A good pair of boots are hard to come by. Ohh, your GF will be super happy when she opens her present 🙂 Glad that you got it on sale! SHe has really small feet!

      I got a pair of boots from Groupon for like $45 as a gift to myself lol. Hopefully they are comfy and I can wear them to work. 🙂

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