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I don’t drink alcohol…

23 Dec

But I musta been drunk, when I bought LIQ.TO (Liquor Stores N.A Ltd) a few months ago!

Currently, my biggest loser in my portfolio sitting at 20% loss (-$350).  Good thing, I only bought 100 shares, right?  It pays out $9 monthly in dividends, so far, I’ve collect $45.  I will continue to hold unless it goes down even further then I’ll consider cutting my losses.

Unless this is the bottom, and a good opportunity to jump in at low prices?  Tough call….


KMI- bought 100 @ $35.60 today

23 Dec

Added KMI (Kinder Morgan) to my Margin position this morning.

You know how I sold out KO (Coca Cola) earlier this month, I should have just replaced them with KMI right away.  I could have been sitting on a $255.00 profit at the moment.  But the moment has passed, now I am starting at a higher end of KMI.  Hopefully this bullish trend continues for KMI, so I can still get some profit out of this.  With the nice dividend yield, I should be able to make some money out of this.