Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Usually on my days off from work, I like to snooze in bed till later in the morning.  But I didn’t sleep in today as I am hosting my first family dinner!  Best to have everything all prepped ahead of time, so there won’t be any last minute rush!  I cleaned most of the morning away and tidying up.  Now, I have ample time to sit back and relax before starting the side dishes.

What’s on the menu?  Pot roast in the slow cooker for 10 hours, it’s cooking right now… Almost half way through.  Pre-marinated our wings the night before, so all I have to do is pop them in the oven.  For our sides, we have corn, mushrooms, tomato & avacado salad, yams with stuffing and gravy!  Voila, it’s a full on feast!

This past year has been good to me.  I recently got engaged, I went on a Mediterranean cruise and Costa Rica, I received a windfall, and I got a nice bonus from work… Everything seems to be falling into place!   My stocks are at their all time highs!  And I don’t even have to liquidate any of my stocks for the down payment for my upcoming condo!  But I need to find a way to pay my 0% balance transfer from MBNA back $11,500 by September 2014.

For 2014, I’ll be taking on a mortgage.  Monthly payments will be 30% of my take home income.  My amortization is 35 years and I am paying the absolute minimum.  But I plan of making lump sum payments to pay this bad boy off.  I hate throwing money away to fees and interest.  I hope to find a good tenant that will help out with the mortgage.  On top of the mortgage, there will be monthly occurring expenses like strata fee, insurance and property tax.  All that needs to be accounted for.

I would love to max out my TFSA for 2o14, but looks like I’ll just have to play with the money that I have in my TFSA already.  No more new money will be funneling to my stock portfolio.  But I might add some money to my RRSP as I don’t want to pay taxes to the government, dreaded CRA!

My goal for 2014, I want to be more accountable for my trades.  I need to set up a system to track my profits and losses.  I want to trade more on my Virtual Brokers margin account.  Right now, I am using $10k in margin.  I need to be more bold in my trades meaning putting more capital into ONE stock, of course, I’ll be watching it like a hawk!  One wrong move can be quite costly.  That’s the only way for me to leverage myself to more gains!  To be continued.

The only reason I am so aggressive with my money is that I do not make a whole lot of money at work.  By saving and investing, making smart decisions, I can increase my net worth at a more rapid pace than just sitting idly by watching the rat race.

I do not hold any bonds, EFTs, Index or Mutual Funds.  I am purely a stock girl!  Stocks all the the way for me and a little investment property.





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