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Price Matched Xmas Gift

27 Dec

Dewalt 12V Drill

Mid December, I bought a Dewalt 12V Lithion Ion Drill kit from Canadian Tire that was on sale from $179.99 to $99.99.  That’s a great deal!  So I bought the Dewalt Drill as a Christmas gift for my BF.

Come Boxing Day… the day after Christmas, everything is on sale!  My BF looked through the flyers and found the exact same Dewalt Drill is on sale for $88.00 at Lowe’s for Boxing week!  He asked me if I paid more for the drill or not?  I meekly answered yes.  He told me to get a price adjustment and Canadian Tire will beat the competitor’s price by 10% with Canadian Tire money.

I kind of groaned at the idea of getting a price adjustment.  But today I had the day off, so I refunded my original purchase at customer service.  Next, I headed to the cashier to “re-buy” my Dewalt Drill.  I showed the flyer to the cashier and asked her to price match the item.

She confirmed it by adjusting the price for me.

In total, I saved $13.43 and in addition, I received $8.80 in Canadian Tire money.  Most people… might think it’s a hassle, sometimes embarrassing to go back to the store to ask for a price adjustment or save a few bucks.  It’s not worth their time… I kind of agree, but if you’re saving more than a few bucks… then maybe it’s worthwhile.

Always keep your receipts and keep your eyes open to sales.  You never know how much you can save further down the road.


Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Usually on my days off from work, I like to snooze in bed till later in the morning.  But I didn’t sleep in today as I am hosting my first family dinner!  Best to have everything all prepped ahead of time, so there won’t be any last minute rush!  I cleaned most of the morning away and tidying up.  Now, I have ample time to sit back and relax before starting the side dishes.

What’s on the menu?  Pot roast in the slow cooker for 10 hours, it’s cooking right now… Almost half way through.  Pre-marinated our wings the night before, so all I have to do is pop them in the oven.  For our sides, we have corn, mushrooms, tomato & avacado salad, yams with stuffing and gravy!  Voila, it’s a full on feast!

This past year has been good to me.  I recently got engaged, I went on a Mediterranean cruise and Costa Rica, I received a windfall, and I got a nice bonus from work… Everything seems to be falling into place!   My stocks are at their all time highs!  And I don’t even have to liquidate any of my stocks for the down payment for my upcoming condo!  But I need to find a way to pay my 0% balance transfer from MBNA back $11,500 by September 2014.

For 2014, I’ll be taking on a mortgage.  Monthly payments will be 30% of my take home income.  My amortization is 35 years and I am paying the absolute minimum.  But I plan of making lump sum payments to pay this bad boy off.  I hate throwing money away to fees and interest.  I hope to find a good tenant that will help out with the mortgage.  On top of the mortgage, there will be monthly occurring expenses like strata fee, insurance and property tax.  All that needs to be accounted for.

I would love to max out my TFSA for 2o14, but looks like I’ll just have to play with the money that I have in my TFSA already.  No more new money will be funneling to my stock portfolio.  But I might add some money to my RRSP as I don’t want to pay taxes to the government, dreaded CRA!

My goal for 2014, I want to be more accountable for my trades.  I need to set up a system to track my profits and losses.  I want to trade more on my Virtual Brokers margin account.  Right now, I am using $10k in margin.  I need to be more bold in my trades meaning putting more capital into ONE stock, of course, I’ll be watching it like a hawk!  One wrong move can be quite costly.  That’s the only way for me to leverage myself to more gains!  To be continued.

The only reason I am so aggressive with my money is that I do not make a whole lot of money at work.  By saving and investing, making smart decisions, I can increase my net worth at a more rapid pace than just sitting idly by watching the rat race.

I do not hold any bonds, EFTs, Index or Mutual Funds.  I am purely a stock girl!  Stocks all the the way for me and a little investment property.




December could be grouchy for stocks…

4 Dec

November flew by too fast with some awesome gains.  For the first two trading sessions for December, it ain’t looking good for stocks.  BMO took a big hit yesterday.  Down $3.28 to $70.25, biggest single day loss in a long time for BMO.  It was doing so stellar in the past few months.  BMO has become oversold and may be a good to pick up some shares??  BMO is in my tax sheltered RRSP account, so I won’t touch it.  Even though, I want to take some profit off the table…

Anyways, I updated my stock portfolio and dividends.

My closing date for my Condo is in January 2014.   Scrambling to get my mortgage together to get it notarized.  This is a first purchase on my own so I am learning the ropes of home ownership.  Hopefully, I will be able to find a suitable tenant for my unit that won’t cause me too much headache.  Clock is ticking.

Do you spend money everyday?

5 Nov

“Do you spend money everyday,” I asked my friend recently.  The reply was “Yes!”.

“How about myself?”  Well, I certainly do not spend money everyday.  I track my expenses everyday in my spreadsheet.  So I decided to count how many days I spend in a month.  On average, I end up spending money almost everyday as well.  20 days out of the month is a pretty high ratio!  I was surprised by this finding.  Since, I am not a big spender at heart!

Even though, I am spending 20 days out of the month.  My purchases are controlled and small.  I don’t really follow a budget.  If I see something I like or need, I will whip out my credit card to make my purchase.  I lead a simple life.  Most of my major purchases have been made, but there are always things that will pop into the picture which will make a dent in my savings.  I will worry about them later.

Food is my biggest daily expenditure.  Meal planning is an essential to keep costs down.  I try my best to cook in most of the time.  But sometimes, if I’m rushed for time or just plain lazy, I’ll go out to grab a bite.

Here are some tips:

When I do buy lunch/dinner, I try to make it last for another meal if the portion is large enough.

I always order water or tea.  It doesn’t cost you a thing, unless you ask for bottled water.

At Subway, I usually buy their 6″ pizza sub for $4.00.  Not too long ago, I discovered their $5 footlongs.  So now, I buy their $5 footlongs and split them up for two lunches making it $2.50 per lunch!

Tuesdays is a “slow” day of the week.  Most places have a deal to draw you into their eateries.  KFC have their Toonie Tuesdays (more like $2.99 + tax deal) with a chicken thigh and leg plus fries.  Fresh Slice have their $1.25 + tax per slice deal.  Movies at the theaters are usually a few bucks cheaper too!  I’m sure there are other deals on Tuesday around town, but those are the top ones I can think of.

Burger King have their daily King Deals.  $5 + tax combo.  You can even replace their fries for onion rings at no cost.

I am always on the lookout for coupons and deals.  Makes me happy when I get a big bang for my buck!

Costco Run down in the States

15 Sep

Last Friday, I headed down to Bellingham with a friend after work.  The border line up was a 20 minute wait.  By the time we reached Costco, it was 7pm.  They close at 8:30pm, so we fought through the crowds and picked up some groceries in a jiffy.

Next on our list was to fill up my running empty tank, I had just enough to make it down there.  Gas is so much cheaper down in the states.  I paid $40 for the fill up versus the usual $60.

After a quick bite at Taco Bell and Arby’s for dinner, we headed to Ross. There, I found a cute top for myself and Hello Kitty dress for my niece for $10.99 a piece.   We also shopped at Walmart and Fred Meyers where I bought a few more things.  I picked up some cheap chicken breasts and Vitamin Water for 69 cents.  Apparently, you don’t have to pay deposit and recycling fee.

Just before midnight, we made our way back to the border.  The crossing took us 10 minutes or so.  It was a successful trip.  We both got what we wanted from crossing the border.

Deal of the night… A whole roasted chicken at Costco for $4.99.  This chicken provided many meals for my bf and myself.

Lunch#1- carved a few pieces and served it with fries

Dinner#1- chicken fajita with pepper, celery, onion and cheese

Lunch#2- scrambled egg with shredded chicken & onions and served it with hash browns

Dinner#2 & leftovers for lunch#3- macaroni with shredded chicken and mixed veggies in cream of mushroom

Dinner#3- shredded chicken with roasted potatoes and turnip

Today, I spent $121.86!

16 Jul

This morning, I woke up early to pick up free Cheerios Honey Nuts cereal.  I got a free offer from Save.  Love my freebies!  Also, I got one more cereal box for my coworker who’s on vacation… Yes, I am a nice girl…I’m getting Milka chocolate from Germany in return.  So I spent $1.86 on spinach and green pepper at the supermarket.  Damn machine wouldn’t take my credit card, so I put it through my ING Direct debit card.  I am disappointed that I didn’t earn my two cents.

Shopping in the mornings before work saves me gas and time.  I don’t have to fight crowds of people and there’s ample of parking spots for the taking.  So I went to work, a little bit earlier than usual.  I am quick and efficient when I do things.

Lately, I have been good about not buying lunches at work.  This is mostly due to the fact that a couple of my coworkers are away on vacation and I need to stand post at my station.

After work, I met up with a good friend of mine to catch up and have dinner.  We ate fried noodles and fried rice, I was stuffed to the max.  She wanted to treat me dinner.  But I am not the type to always accept free dinners.  I owed her money for Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter concert this coming November 2013, so I gave her $110 for the ticket plus $10 extra to cover dinner.

I’ve never been to a live concert before.  I’m not the type to spend that much to watch someone sing (when I can listen to them on radio or youtube for free), but it’ll be a fun night out with the girls.

So that’s how I spent $121.86 today.  Life is not about scrimping and cheaping out always.  I can be like that sometimes, but I do spend money to enjoy the finer things in life.

I’ve been inactive in the trading business…everything looks high… Potash has dropped below $40, time to buy again?  Or could this be one of those gotcha stocks where it’ll be taking a nose dive?

No Cable & No Data

21 Jun

OMG, you don’t have cable or data on your phone?  In this day and age, it is pretty standard for most people to have these “essentials” for their enjoyment.  But at what costs?

Nope, we don’t have cable at home!  We don’t have endless of channels to flip through when we are bored, jumping from channel to channel to find a decent show to watch for the time being.

We use HDTV antenna to watch a few given selected local channels.  HDTV antenna is a one time investment versus a monthly cable bill.   Most of the time, we download our favorite shows from the internet to watch it commercial free after it is aired on cable.

These are the channels we get from our HDTV antenna in the greater Vancouver area that we watch the most:

  1. 2.1 – CBC
  2. 8.1 – Global
  3. 17.1 – A Channel
  4. 32.1 – CTV
  5. 42.1 – Omni

Be warned:  Reception may not be best at times.  We lost a couple of channels recently.

Nope, I don’t have data on my LG Nexus 4!  Most of the time, I’m either at work or at home.  Both places, I have easy internet access.  If I am out and about, there are always a WiFi hotspot where I can get internet access on my phone.  I don’t always need to be connected per say.

By not having cable or data, we save around $100 per month easily.  This is our cost-effective ways to save money.  Keeping household expenses low is key for financial sustainability.

Can you cut these two expenses out of your life?  Some can, some can’t… it is up to you!

ING Direct introduces mobile deposit!

18 Jun

As you all know I am an ING Direct customer, I have their banking application on my mobile phone.  Today, I found out their cool feature of mobile deposit.  I decided to login to check it out for myself.  But I couldn’t find the new “deposit” feature on the bottom tabs.  A light bulb clicked, I haven’t updated my ING Direct app yet!  So I scooted over to my play store apps to update the newest version for ING Direct.  Voila, I am now able to snap pics of my cheque to make a deposit!

Step 1:  Select your account

Step 2:  Enter the amount of your cheque

Step 3:  Take a picture of your cheque front and back

Step 4:  Wait for confirmation

Step 5:  After ING Direct reviews your cheque, they will approve it or not.  Once approved, you can destroy your cheque.

ING DIrect Mobile Deposit

Hmm, looks like I’ll still have to deposit my monthly pay cheque at the ABM. At least, I have a credit union across the street from my work. PHEW!

Canadian banks are slow to act while other countries in the world have already adopted mobile cheque deposits as a daily occurrence.  Finally, ING Direct has joined the new wave of internet banking making it easier for Canadian customers to make a deposit without stepping foot into the bank.  However, there is a limit to the amount of money you can make a deposit with.  Anything over $1500, you would have to go to the bank physically to deposit the cheque at the ABM or bank teller.  Otherwise, you are free to snap pictures of your cheque and make a deposit directly into your bank account in your PJs.

UPDATE:  My mobile deposit limit is now $25,000!  

ING loves me!

I’m a valued customer with:

$800/daily cash limit
$2500/debit limit
$5000/hold limit on cheques

When I get bored…

26 May

Right ThumbWhen I get bored…

I take naps to pass the time, sometimes a little too long.

I go on my smart-phone to kill time.

I try to smooth out my hangnails, but it just makes it worse over time.

It is time for me to stop wasting time and start utilizing time to better myself.




27 Apr

One time, I was labelled as lower-middle class individual.  I was taken aback.  Go figure!

It’s funny how this statement hit a nerve in me.  I never considered myself rich.  Sometimes, I complain that I feel poor due to my lack of earning power.  That’s me just saying… in all negativity.

But to hear it from another source, it is a little disheartening.

Their assessment was based solely on what was presented to them.  They don’t know my financial background.

One of my demeanor is I lead others to think less of me.  Thus, they view me as inferior to them.  That’s okay.

Little do they know, I’m more cunning than what meets the eye.