Mortgage Papers Signed!

11 Dec

Funny how Scotia Bank wanted me to pay off my current balance for Amazon Visa and Capital One Mastercard.  I still had a current running balance of $61.37 from Visa and $663.22 from Mastercard that isn’t due till early-mid January 2014.  They want prove that I am able to pay this off.  Ugh, haven’t I been paying off my balance every single due date since like forever?  Begrudgingly, I complied to their request since I need the mortgage eventually… However, Scotia Bank didn’t ask me to repay my $11,800 balance transfer from MBNA Mastercard!  Woot woot, I took that out a couple months ago @ 0% and I don’t have to pay it back till September 16, 2014!  So I have ample time to repay that back.  Right now, the current balance for that is $11,564.00.  Paying it back will be a bit dicey, most likely, I’ll sell off a stock for repayment.

So I signed my mortgage papers and I’m all set to throwing money to interest payments for the next three years.  I signed a fixed 3 year rate @ 2.89% vs a 5 year variable rate @ 2.50%.  The fix rate will cost me $780 extra a year.  But it’ll give me the security of rising interest rates in the future.

RBC was offering me fixed 3 year rate @ 3.19% which is kinda crappy.  I ended up going through a mortgage broker to help me get lower rates.  Scotia Bank offered me a rate that I deemed decent enough.  They also own ING Direct, so they feel comfortable in dealing with me as I am a client of ING Direct for a number of years.  All in all, it worked out to both parties.  

Renting this out next month will be the top of my to do list.  So far, I have two potential semi-interested parties.  But the unit is on the smaller scale.  Hopefully, everything will pan out and I can get some passive income to help my mortgage payments.  





Snow is falling lightly…

10 Dec

Indicating that Christmas is just around the corner.  Tis the time to bust out your wallet/purse for gifts.  Luckily for me, I don’t have a big list of people that I have to buy gifts for.  In turn, saving me the headache of gift hunting and money!  I hate buying gifts, cuz I never know what to get!  Unless, they ask for it.  I think that’s the best way of buying gifts is when people give you a shopping list to buy from!  For my niece, my sister told me to get her Frozen Princess from Disney Store.  Bam, done!  I also got her an interactive Minion for her, cuz she kept on playing with my MCD Minion collection.  I can be generous if I choose to be.

Buying gifts are a waste of money.  Christmas is just another commercial holiday to make the masses spend more money from decorations to parties to gifts.  Most of the time, you’re just making a big guess as to what the recipient would like for a gift.  You’ll probably end up buying something that might just end up collecting dust.  

I received a Kobo Reader and Electric Toothbrush from my BF.  They’re really nice gifts and all, expensive too… but knowing myself, I won’t USE them.  So I made BF return the gifts, so I ended up with nothing!!  But at least, I know his money isn’t spent on useless stuff.  It kinda made him feel bad, but it’s the thought that counts.

Not to bring down Christmas and all.  That’s just what I think behind it.  Sometimes, I feel like a scrooge.  Bah hum bug.


Actors get paid way too much…

5 Dec

In the everyday life, normal people would be ecstatic to make even $100,000… that is like per year putting in a good 2080 hours!  These actors probably just put in a good days of work and get paid hundreds of thousands!  Sigh, pays to be famous and popular!

Last night, I happen to come across an article about the sitcom actors on Big Bang Theory.  The actors who plays Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon gets paid $325,000 per episode while their supporting counter parts Howard and Raj are making around $100,000 per episode.

Big Bang Theory is getting widely popular each year.  Now, the top three actors are seeking $1 million per episode as salary negotiations are up for Season 8.  Do they really deserve $1 million each for an episode that runs only 20 minutes on TV each week?  Seems like easy work to me!  Mighty fun as well.

Currently, the highest paid sitcom actor is Ashton Kutcher from Two and a Half Men making $750,000 per episode.  His co-star Jon Cryer makes $150,000 less than Ashton Kutcher, yet he’s been on the show since inception.  Is that really fair?  Ashton is a newbie to the show.  His predecessor Charlie Sheen used to make a cool $2 million per episode, he owns the title for highest paid sitcom actor.  No wonder, Charlie was fighting for his role back when he got fired from the show.

Do you remember Everyone Loves Raymond?  Well, Ray Romano used to make $1.8 million per episodes making him the second highest paid sitcom actor.  He is still pulling in the big backs from syndication to this day!  As for the six friends on the famous NBC’s Thursday night run Friends, each cast member made a cool $1 million per episode in their day.

No wonder there are so many wannabe actors out there trying to make it big.  Once they do, it’s big pay for them!  Fame really does pay.  The more popular you are, more money will just roll right in!  They will always be in the spotlight… It’s always the little people that support the big salaries that famous people get!!

Anyways, I’ve been putting a good 40 hours each week and what do I have to show for?  Not much at all!  So that’s why I’m taking some work hours to bitch about this.  I didn’t even get a raise after one year at my job.  Hopefully, by next year, I’ll get a little something.  How ever I did get a raise from my part time job in which I only work 4-6 hrs every second Sundays to $15/hour!  It’s nice to have a little extra pocket money to feed my hunger lol.

Sold out KO (Coca Cola) 100 @ $40.30/share

4 Dec

Trade History for KO:
June 4 – Bought 50 @ $41.50/share = $2075.00
Oct 1- Bought 50 @ $37.85/share = $1892.50 (Averaged down)
Dec 4- Sold 100 @ $40.30/share= $4030.00
Gross Gain = $62.50
Less: Commission = $2.98
Net Gain = $59.52  (1.5%)

Collected Dividends:
July 1- $11.90
OCt 1- $11.90
Total Dividends:  $23.80

Ever since I bought into KO, it has traded on a down trend.  I was not happy with this trade from the beginning, but I did not want to sell at a loss prematurely.  I held on for a few months and saw it bottom out early October at around $37.85, so I averaged down trying to climb back up from the red.

If I didn’t averaged down, I would still be at a loss…

 $3967.50 is funded solely on margin, the opportunity cost was too high for me.  So I decided to let this one go to lower my margin amount.  I lost money on this investment due to interest payments for six months that I held it.

Currently, I still have margin on my USD stocks:  COST, PCLM, LMT, V.  All those stocks have a gain of 6.52%-18.52% which is performing to my standards.  

The markets is shitty so far in December.  Looks like a lot of traders are cashing out before the end of the year…  maybe I should too before all my gains are diminished.



December could be grouchy for stocks…

4 Dec

November flew by too fast with some awesome gains.  For the first two trading sessions for December, it ain’t looking good for stocks.  BMO took a big hit yesterday.  Down $3.28 to $70.25, biggest single day loss in a long time for BMO.  It was doing so stellar in the past few months.  BMO has become oversold and may be a good to pick up some shares??  BMO is in my tax sheltered RRSP account, so I won’t touch it.  Even though, I want to take some profit off the table…

Anyways, I updated my stock portfolio and dividends.

My closing date for my Condo is in January 2014.   Scrambling to get my mortgage together to get it notarized.  This is a first purchase on my own so I am learning the ropes of home ownership.  Hopefully, I will be able to find a suitable tenant for my unit that won’t cause me too much headache.  Clock is ticking.

Nearing the end of Vacation

25 Nov

Even though, I’ve been away in the rurals of Costa Rica, I’ve had WiFi at every stay.  I would check on how my stocks were doing each weekday morning.  I’m very happy to see that I’m almost at the $150k mark with almost a $30k paper gain.  

Just by holding and not trading, my gains have tripled in the last few months.  This is mostly due to Google’s gain, but other commendable stocks like BMO, Mastercard and Visa has added to the gain. 

Anything can happen. But its nice to see how well stocks are doing these days. If you invested in good stock for the past few years and held them, in general, you should have a gain.

Virtual Brokers gets down to the Penny!

15 Nov

Wow!  Virtual Brokers announced their new Penny commission structure as follows:

“The Penny” Commission Structure

$ 0.01 per share if share price ≥ $1.00
$ 0.005 per share if $0.25 ≤ share price < $1.00
$ 0.0025 per share if share price< $0.25

The Minimum commission is $0.01 with a cap of $9.99. No ECN/Exchange Fees apply.

This makes me want to trade more!!  Just a few weeks ago, I literally bought one share of Priceline @ $997.00.  My commission was 99 cents.  Way cheaper than other brokerages around, right right?

With this new “Penny” commission structure in place, if I bought one share of Priceline today, my commission would be just a PENNY!  Of course, most people don’t just buy one share of stocks all the time.  But there’s that option.  Your trading cost won’t cut into your profits.

I like Virtual Brokers fee structure as they don’t nickle and dime you with ECN/Exchnage fees unlike Questrade.  And there’s a cap of $9.99 commission.  I think this means that if you buy more than 1000 shares, your commission will still be $9.99 per trade.

Anyhoo, I’m off to Costa Rica for ten days!  BTW, my LIQ stock didn’t make a come back to fund my trip.  Still down 18.33%.  Ouchie, looks like I’ll have to dip into my savings for this trip.


Nice comeback Chemtrade Logistics

14 Nov

Making it’s way back up to $17 today after a major sell off past few days.  10 cents per share a month.  Can’t beat that, consistent distributor.  Missed my chance to buy back in at a low cost.

Still holding 300 shares strong in my margin account.  


Small Caps vs Big Caps

13 Nov

Is there an advantage between investing in a small cap vs big cap stock?  Small caps have more room to grow than big caps.  Every company has to start off somewhere.  Some will rise, some will fall.  All in all, pick your companies wisely.

All my small caps are Canadian companies that pays monthly income.   All my big caps are American companies.

Note:  All stocks have different amount invested.  Each stock provides different risk factors.  Therefore, I only put down money that I am willing to bet on the stock.

Small Caps
Ticker Market Cap Performance
KEG.UN 182.00M 30.86%
BFP.UN 319.42M 129.10%
LIQ 325.18M -19.75%
CHE.UN 660.94M 8.63%
Average 37.21%
Big Caps
Ticker Market Cap Performance
GOOG 342.86B 67.41%
T 184.22B -5.16%
KO 176.64B 0.76%
V 126.57B 13.99%
Average 19.25%

Making the right move at the right time

12 Nov

Whoa, time has passed by really quickly.  It’s already been more than a month since I sold out Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund (CHE.UN) from my TFSA.  I sold out 1270 shares @ $16.96 with profit of $819.52 and collected $2287.00 in distributions.

Trade History for CHE.UN

3/27/2012:  BOUGHT 850 shares @ $16.58 + ($9.38 Commission) = $14,101.37
7/05/2012:  BOUGHT 420 shares @ $15.71 + ($6.42 Commissions) = $6,604.62
9/27/2013:  SOLD 1270 shares @ $16.96 + (13.69 Commissions) = $21,525.51
Net Profit $819.52 (This is tax free, since I held this stock in my TFSA!)

Commissions at Questrade were $29.49.  This should have been $25.40, but Questrade charges extra SEC fees for the trades which I don’t like!!

Luckily, I made the right move at the right time.  For the past five days, Chemtrade has been trending downwards on news that Chemtrade is in talks to buy General Chemical Corp.  Seems like traders are not liking this news and have been punishing the share prices.

Chemtrade on Nov 12, 2013

Anyways, if I had kept my shares of CHE.UN, I would be at a net paper loss of $433.54.  Ouch!  I still have 300 shares of CHE.UN in my margin account, but I bought it at a cheaper price.  It’s still a hold for me, since they’ve been a steady income producer.  Maybe, I’ll pick up some more shares at a discounted price.  I would have to monitor they progress in the upcoming days.

I replaced CHE.UN for Mastercard and First National Financial in my TFSA.  Both stocks seem to be holding up well on their own thus far.  By making the switch, I am improving the overall health to my TFSA.