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Agrium looks attractive ATM…

16 Jun

Seems like Agrium has fallen from its 52 week high.  Could this be an opportune time to swoop up some shares?  Could $90/share be the support mark for Agrium?

All these questions races through my head.  I have a habit of picking up bad stocks recently like Goldcorp for example.  So I definitely don’t want to repeat that mistake again.  Maybe buying on a down trend is not such a good idea… uness I can make a quick exit fast!

Looks like the market down turn came a month later compared to last year!  My portfolio was rocking just a few weeks ago from its highs.  Tragically, I didn’t take profit I wanted to get out of Baytex Energy Corp, RioCan Real Estate Trust, and Suncor.  Now, I’m stuck with them for a good while.   To be honest, I’m kinda pissed off at my stock portfolio.  It could have been greater, it could have been so much more than what it is today.  Yet, I keep on selling out good stocks for stupid stocks over the years.  Why do I end up keeping all these losers?

I need to develop a new trading regime.  I need to be more discipline in my trades.  No more wussy moves anymore.  Time to really step it up.

End of this year, I will need to liquidate at least  $50,000 of my portfolio for a down payment to my Condo.  So right now, I’m a little bit on edge.  I need to really lock in my big gains and walk away happy with no regrets.

I am 100% fully invested in stocks at the moment, and there can’t be any error.


Missing in Action

23 Mar

Such horrid two weeks of my stock life!  Patience is virtue.  To say the least, I was on a tear!  I was emotional wreck… giving into the sell-offs.  Not a pleasant feeling to watch my gains become losses. 

Update:  Sold off all my stocks in my TFSA at a considerable loss which was offset by a significant gain of one lone stock.  Thus it was break even.  I replaced those stocks with Agrium and Potash.  To say the least, I bought too soon.. there were more down slide during that week.  It was turbulant.  I had losses up to my neck… but I hung in there knowing these two are power houses. 

Current Positions:
AGU -$183 loss
POT +$50 gain

If I only waited it out, I could have gotten them for cheap.  But I tend to act quickly.

I’m looking at Netflx… Nice daily volume with lots of upside potential… Given you know when to buy in.

Sold Agrium Today

8 Feb

Agrium Story:  In my Itrade Margin account around June 2010, I made a daring move by purchasing Agrium solely on margin at 200 @ $52.45.  I quickly sold Agrium at a loss soon after at 200 @ $52.05, what a big mistake that was!  It was just a small little hiccup that scared me off.  I kept my eye on it, it climbed steadily and surely… after I sold out.  I was not happy.  But I decided to re-enter Agrium at 100 @ $71.65 in my Questrade Margin account.  The rest is history.  I could have made a whole lot more if I didn’t chicken out. 

Bittersweet to let Agrium go at $92.60 for a profit of 29.11%.  It’s been good to me, but with the earnings report coming in the next two days… I don’t know how Agrium will hold up in the cut throat earning release.  I’ve been burnt a few times before such as RIM and Visa.  So this time around, I want to ensure my gain.

Update Feb 9th:  Well, I made another blunder.  Agrium is up $3.50 this morning.  Earnings were stellar. 


2 Sep

On July 16th, Visa dropped by a good 3.50 basis point.  It was a good opportunity to buy in and wait for a recovery in the short time frame which proved to be true.  Visa made a good  climb up by 4.55 basis points.  The only reason why I did not cash out was due to the exchange rates.  My profit was not $455.00 as I had anticipated, it was way less after the currency conversion.  So I held on.  After a good month and a half, I’m still holding to a non profiting stock.

In the meantime, Agrium was bullish all the way through.  If I had bought Agrium instead of Visa during that day, my unrealized profits would have been $1366.00.  Since I sold out at 52.45 at a pitiful loss, Agrium has climbed steadily to $75.60.  All this time, I kept on thinking to myself I’ve missed the boat.  It was bound to some draw backs.  But this mighty stock kept on trucking along just like my GQ.  Next time, maybe it’s best to just hitch a ride and enjoy the view!

Lesson:  No more USD stocks.  Buy on the uptrend.  Stop losses from getting bigger.

Seeing Red

25 Aug

What an awful day!!  My whole portfolio was bleeding as the market sucked the life out of my stocks.  All that time of gains can be wiped out in a single bad bay crash.  It’s always hard to time when to sell.  Just be ready to pull the trigger! 

BMO in particular took a rather big hit as they didn’t meet analyst’s expectations.  It took a big hit from a $59.00 to $55.50 in a single day drop.  BMO was a big red alert as it drop to a dangerous 6% loss in my RSP account.  I know BMO will eventually counter back.  So I just left it as is. 

My single day gain in Agrium was taken away yesterday.  Today, it dropped another $2 basis points in early morning trading, but since then, AGU has been climbing back to its start off price.  What an excellent time to buy… if I only had more money.  But anyways, I should have sold out while I was up $169!!  Now I sit at a loss… just waiting for the bounce back.

Taking Little Profits

23 Aug

In early July 2010, I opened a Questrade Cash Margin account to generate short term profit taking.  Questrade is excellent for trading as they are known for their low commission costs from $4.95-9.95.  Tired of my buy and hold strategy, I wanted to be more pro-active in managing my gains instead of watching them get wiped out again. 

I started off with $3750.  I’ve used the rest on margin as I did not have enough money to buy most stocks out there in board lots.  My first successful trade was with BMO ended up taking $522.28.  Next I put down some money on Rogers Communication Inc, I might have sold it a little prematurely but I locked in a gain of $190.10.  Currently, I’m holding Agrium.  So far, it has climb upwards of $169.00. 

The only bad trade I made was with a more junior gold stock named SGR.  I might have been a little too impatient seeing that it dropped 10 cents below my buy in price.  I didn’t want to watch it spiral down the path of destruction.  So it got cut off with a loss of $29.90.  But this one has gone up and down around my buy in price.  I’m not regretting my decision at all. 

So taking little profits isn’t too bad.  I’ve actually locked in $682.98 for about just 7 weeks of trading.  Not bad from my old strategy as I’m still holding out hope for some to recover.

Sleep Mode

29 Jun

Time to stop checking on my brokerage accounts all together.  Stay clear for a few days.  Today’s been especially tough.  It might be a good time to buy now, but I’m staying out of the waters for now till it’s calmer. 

All of my stocks took a significant dip.  I made some trades at loss to protect my assets.  Maybe, I’ll buy back in the future.  Hopefully, I’ll let my other stocks rest for a bit and see what will come out of it in the coming weeks to months.

Updated @ July 6th:
Unfortunately, I was heavy on the margin side when the market took a plunge suddenly.  I had to sell my Agrium at loss of $119.98 and Encana at loss of $135.98.  Why do I always let profit slip through my fingers?  Countless of times!  Greed plays a good portion for my hopes it’ll go up higher after a significant gain.  I let myself hold till the profit become losses.  I had two specific people telling me to sell Encana when I was up 8% but I held on stubbornly.  Now, I am free of Encana without a gain.  Let lessons be learned.

Added Positions Solely on Margin

25 Jun

Hoping for a quick rise so I can make a quick profit with these two stocks!  Bought on a whim, I think both stocks have bottomed out and going to rise anytime soon.  Good solid financial backgrounds. 

Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSYS)  200 @ 28.70USD = $6099.83
Note:  US Conversion plays a real factor in optimizing my profits if the American dollar goes up!  Hoping for a quick upside of $35 or more, this one can launch anytime soon!  A waiting game really, but how long will it take though?!

Agrium Inc. (TSE:AGU) 200 @ 52.45 = $10509.99
Note:  Once the economy gets a jump start, fertilizers will be the place to be in!  Hoping for a quick upside of $55 before I can cash out!