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Agrium looks attractive ATM…

16 Jun

Seems like Agrium has fallen from its 52 week high.  Could this be an opportune time to swoop up some shares?  Could $90/share be the support mark for Agrium?

All these questions races through my head.  I have a habit of picking up bad stocks recently like Goldcorp for example.  So I definitely don’t want to repeat that mistake again.  Maybe buying on a down trend is not such a good idea… uness I can make a quick exit fast!

Looks like the market down turn came a month later compared to last year!  My portfolio was rocking just a few weeks ago from its highs.  Tragically, I didn’t take profit I wanted to get out of Baytex Energy Corp, RioCan Real Estate Trust, and Suncor.  Now, I’m stuck with them for a good while.   To be honest, I’m kinda pissed off at my stock portfolio.  It could have been greater, it could have been so much more than what it is today.  Yet, I keep on selling out good stocks for stupid stocks over the years.  Why do I end up keeping all these losers?

I need to develop a new trading regime.  I need to be more discipline in my trades.  No more wussy moves anymore.  Time to really step it up.

End of this year, I will need to liquidate at least  $50,000 of my portfolio for a down payment to my Condo.  So right now, I’m a little bit on edge.  I need to really lock in my big gains and walk away happy with no regrets.

I am 100% fully invested in stocks at the moment, and there can’t be any error.


Year 2012, a ton of regrets.

4 Mar

A series of mumbling that won’t really make sense to most of you, but I need to put this out there to get this off my chest.  

2012 was a very bad trading year for me.  I got impatient, I got greedy, I got anxious.  I sold out GOOD stocks for NOTHING.  All I can do now is recoup and start over again.

First mistake, I sold out IPL.UN, MA, SBUX in May 2012, when stocks faltered a bit after reaching its record high.  I kept loser stocks like Cliff Resources for no good reason, now I am stuck with a 50% loss that is bringing my portfolio down overall.

Second mistake, in summer of 2012, I was holding RCI.B 200 shares @ $36.85 and SJR.B 500 shares @ $19.68, eventually I sold them out for a loss to buy penny stocks that lead to a greater loss of $8,000.  Yes, I got greedy and it cost me dearly.  Today, RCI.B is at $49.38 and SJR.B is at $24.61 respectively. 

Third mistake, I sold half of my GOOG shares for $620.  When I first bought into the stock at $612.68/share, all it did was head below my buy in price.  I thought to myself, is this another APPL mistake?  When things started to turn upwards, I reduced my shares as half of it was on Margin.  If I had kept my orginal shares, I would be $5000 in the green.

One of my biggest regret is not selling Great Quest Metal at its peak.  I could have made a cool ten grand, instead I kept it and price went down and down till I sold out for a measly $1,250. 

Always be aware of your stock, in which direction it goes.  It may treated you well in the past but it can turn on you in an instant.  

Moral of the story, pick good stocks and hold on to them instead of following the next hot thing.  I don’t do much research myself on picking stocks.  I just go with my gut instincts.  I have held and sold out many stocks (Agrium, Great Quest, Mastercard, Starbucks, Visa) that went on to gain multiple times.  Maybe, it’s time for me to step back a bit and just stick with what I have instead of chasing a stock for quick profits.

Sleep Mode

29 Jun

Time to stop checking on my brokerage accounts all together.  Stay clear for a few days.  Today’s been especially tough.  It might be a good time to buy now, but I’m staying out of the waters for now till it’s calmer. 

All of my stocks took a significant dip.  I made some trades at loss to protect my assets.  Maybe, I’ll buy back in the future.  Hopefully, I’ll let my other stocks rest for a bit and see what will come out of it in the coming weeks to months.

Updated @ July 6th:
Unfortunately, I was heavy on the margin side when the market took a plunge suddenly.  I had to sell my Agrium at loss of $119.98 and Encana at loss of $135.98.  Why do I always let profit slip through my fingers?  Countless of times!  Greed plays a good portion for my hopes it’ll go up higher after a significant gain.  I let myself hold till the profit become losses.  I had two specific people telling me to sell Encana when I was up 8% but I held on stubbornly.  Now, I am free of Encana without a gain.  Let lessons be learned.