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Planning on a Sleepy Portfolio

4 Oct

What would happen if I just didn’t do any trades for the year 2013?  At the end of the year, I’d have to withdraw from my Scotia and Questrade brokerage accounts for my upcoming down payment.  Just by keeping my stocks, I’d have a monthly flow of dividends and distributions coming my way.  Not to mention the potential of price appreciation or depreciation within the year.  Most likely, I see the prices of my stocks going up with a big question mark for CLF though. Here’s a break down of my current holdings:

Ticker Dis/Div Comments
BPF.UN       235.20 This is my superstar!
IPL.UN       450.48 Very strong contender!
CHE.UN    2,172.00 Invested lots, hope it appreciates.
KEG.UN        96.00 Classy dining unit trust.
BMO    1,152.00 Lagging behind other Canadian Banks.
CLF       250.00 This is my loser stock!
REI.UN       552.00 Newly aquired, it better go up!
WYN        92.00 Aquired for price appreciation mostly.
Total  $4,999.68 If I kept all my stocks for the year!

Averaged Down a Day too Early

8 May

Opps, I didn’t make a post on my buy trades from yesterday:

BOUGHT:  BMO- 200 shares @ $57.00, dividends $210 per quarter (accumulated 300 shares)
BOUGHT:  CHE.UN- 420 shares @ $15.71, distribution $150.10 per month (accumulated 1510 shares, my largest position to date!)

As you can see, today would have been better to average down.  Bad news is always around the corner.  My gains from previous months have been wiped out, I continue to stay the course and not panic.  Anyways, I’m going to be holding on these stocks for a while.  I’m not going to panick and start selling like everyone today.  It’s always a bummer watching your recent stock buys go down.  It is what it is.

Questrade Cash Margin Account

12 Jul

I’ve been a client of Questrade since Oct 2009 for RSP and TFSA.  Since I had Scotia Itrade for my cash margin account, I didn’t want to spread my money too far out.  But with each trade at $19.99, it’s starting to weigh down on me.  I finally decided to opened a cash margin account with Questrade to cut trading costs as much as possible.  This account will purely be take a profit basis. 

Starting with $5000, my goal is to grow this tiny account to $7500 on swing trading by the end of this year.

So far, I have only deposited $3750.  It’s still short $1250 as I don’t have enough money right now to fund it.  I’m on my way.  I bought BMO at $5754.95 ($2004.95 is on margin).  I am up $262.05, 4.55%.

My First Bank Stock- BMO!

6 Jul

My parents opened my first savings account with BMO.  I’ve always used them till they started increasing their fees.  Tired of keeping a minimum of $1500 in my account to waive my monthly fees, I switched over to President’s Choice No Fee Chequing account.  My second brokerage account was with BMO Investorline.  But I’ve turned to alternatives to save on trading costs such as Scotia Itrade and Questrade. 

Yesterday, I plunged down 100 shares @ $57.50 on BMO.  By July 29th, there’ll be an ex-dividend.  I am hoping for a sharp increase in the share price and sell on its high and maybe even scoop up $70 dollars in dividend.  Let’s see if this will pay off!