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BC Day Long Weekend

6 Aug

Summer is passing me by way too fast.  Long weekend in sight, we decided to take advantage of the nice weather we’ve been getting in Vancouver.

Friday was the only day that was kinda off.  but I wanted to take BF to the night show at the HR MacMillin Space Center.  We went to check out the observatory after the show, but we couldn’t see the stars as it was cloudy that night.  Maybe, we’ll go back on a clear night to check out how powerful big telescope really is.

Saturday was overcast, perfect weather to tour around an organic  blueberry farm.  They import ladybugs from the mountains of California to control the pests around the farm.   We got a 5 pound bucket of blueberries!

Tour of blueberry farm in Langley

Tour of blueberry farm in Langley


Old junk turned into decorative pieces to owner's eyes

Old junk turned into decorative pieces to owner’s eyes

Sunday, I finally convinced BF to try out Wildplay in Maple Ridge.  It’s a tree-top obstacle course that challenges you to independently climb, zip line, and swing closer to nature.  BF thought it would be a short course and not worth the money.  At the end of it, BF had a ton of fun.   I knew he’d love monkeying around the tree tops!  It took us about 2 hours to complete it, but we could have finished it faster if we didn’t have to wait for people in front of us.  Nice to have a breather though!

BC Day, we took our bikes on the Skytrain to Waterfront Station to go riding around Stanley Park seawall, English Bay, then back home!  It was a long trek, but we had breaks in between with a good Mediterranean chicken/pulled pork sandwich for lunch and ice cream/coke at MCD 🙂