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Spendings for 2010

19 Sep

What the hell!  I track my spendings everyday.  You can say that I’m good with money.  I don’t spend a whole lot on silly stuff.  But somehow I managed to rake up a bill of $10,000 already and still counting!  Last year, I have managed to keep my spendings at $10,000.  Time for me to really stick to my budget for the next few months and pay off my debts as fast as possible.

  1. One’s biggest expense is either on rent or mortgage on a monthly basis.  Thank goodness, my spendings doesn’t include living costs as they are being covered by my parents for now that is. 
  2. What I spend most are things associated with my car like gas ($150/mo with 30km each day to work), insurance ($1578/yr with my 40% discount), and maintenance costs. 
  3. Food is a major expense too, though I try to eat at home on weeknights to cut down the bill.  Going out to eat is quite costly.  Fast food joints are always cheaper and tasty, but in the long run, you know you’re just putting junk in that tummy of yours.  I usually scan the menu for the cheapest item.  Of course, I always like the biggest bang for my buck.  A good way of saving money when going out to eat is to order water instead of other drinks that usually cost $3 and up.  Learn to discipline yourself with not over eating.  That way, you don’t have a lighter wallet plus unecessary pounds.
  4. Having a boyfriend means more outings and finding things to do.  You can’t have him always picking up the tab right?  That’s not fair.  Though sometimes I do envy those girls who totally milk their boyfriends. 
  5. What else do I spend?  Oh yes, my monthly cell phone bill, but I only pay $22.40/mo as I only use it once in a while.  Reason why I even I have a cell phone is for emergencies or to meet up with people on the go.  Most days I’m at the office or at home.  I can always be reached at another number.
  6. I haven’t spent that much on clothes this year, though I bought my bridesmaid dress for a couple of bills.
  7. Gifts and donations ($200) are a great way to totally blow your budget.  They come in birthdays, Christmas, weddings, and countless of little things you feel obligated to chip in as well. 
  8. Yearly vacations are to rejuvenate your soul.  A few days away from work is like a haven for most.  They do come at a cost though.  Relatively short vacations to Cancun and San Fransico for me rang  a bill of $2000.
  9. Electronics, luckily I am not really a gadget person who always want the latest technology.  Though, I recently I bought a laptop for $560.  The old laptop I had was just not efficient anymore, I managed to sell it for $110 to a willing buyer!
  10. Unexpected bills can pop up and hit you where it hurts.  This year I had a fitting for my crown tooth.  An old cavity fill fell out.  It was a big fill on the side of my tooth and I had left it unattended for ages.  My dentist told me my tooth was starting to decay.  I got a crown for my tooth which my dental plan covered 50%.  I ended up forking out $420 still.  Dentists are such rip offs.
  11. Gambling, opened a Pokerstar account with $100 plus a stupid cash advance fee on the credit card of $5 and interest.  Dad depleted it.  What a waste of money.

It’s easy to spend than to save money.  I’m a saver at heart.  You can call me thrifty, but I am not cheap.  I have a giving heart depending on the situation.  Don’t you just hate people whose mentality is to take whatever they can get!  All they think is for themselves with little disregard for anyone else.  Have you ever met a coworker, friend, family member whose a leecher?  One who always skimps out on the tab when every forks out to pay at the end of a meal.  One who always hitch a ride with you, but never offering to drive you for once.  One who just shows up empty-handed for a potluck.  My point here is that it’s okay to be good with your money, but don’t always be the cheapstake.