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Food Bill Analysis

30 Nov

Eating out is an easy, convenient route to satisfy your hunger.  Yet, this miscellaneous spending category can seriously make a dent in your budget if you don’t try to limit your outings for food!   Treating others to a meal I think is the most costly to your own food budget.  It’s nice to be generous from time to time, but never let it get out of hand where you get nothing in return!

For the past year, I have cut down on going out to eat.  Making most of my meals at home from breakfast to dinners have reduced my food bill dramatically, but there are times where I long for some tasty delights that I can not concoct myself.  My suggestion is try to find a balance.

Setting a budget for food is great, but if you go over your limit, does that mean you’ll have to starve yourself for the rest of the month?  It’s okay to go a little over budget for food since it is an essential item to keep you alive!  Just make sure for the next month, you try to not repeat the same mistake again in overspending for food.

On a monthly average, I spend $278.18 in total for food.  I usually spend $124.40 on groceries (BF & ME) and $153.78 on miscellaneous eating out.  Month to month, it does fluctuate depending on the occasion.

November 2012: $250.13

Groceries:  $70.03

Eating out: $180.10.  Break down below:

  1. Treated BF for dinners $98.18 (Cause of my reduced rent)
  2. Treated friend for dinner- $36.84
  3. My own dinners & snacks- $19.36
  4. Groupon for 2 burgers & drinks- $14.00
  5. Lunches at work- $11.72



What’s for lunch at work? June 11-15th

12 Jun
  1. Monday- Bacon Cheeseburger at McDonald’s, $1.56.  I also had an oatmeal raisin cookie for a snack at work, free.
  2. Tuesday- Sesame Bagel with garlic & herb cream cheese, $0.40 + I would estimate the cream cheese to be at $0.15. Update:  I was hungry in late afternoon so I had a peanut butter cookie and coffee at work.
  3. Pre-plan for Wednesday– I’ll probably steal a couple of slices of bread from my parents tonight so I can make my salami sandwich!  I would estimate the salami at $0.45.  Update:  I got sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf from my parents for a heartier lunch!
  4. Pre-plan for Thursday–  Boil two eggs ($0.56) with garlic toast ($0.40).
  5. Pre-plan for Friday–  Canned tuna ($1.00) probably more stolen slices of bread from parents.

Oh goodie, looks like my lunch for the week is going to cost me less than $5.00!  WOOHOO!  I know I’m pretty budget.

Even though, I skip breakfast (I know it’s a bad start to the day, sometimes, I do drink a cup of milk with meal replacement powder), I still keep my lunches light.  Then, I’ll have a heavier dinner to last me the night.  I don’t tend to snack very often either.  However, if snacks are within my reach, I will be a munch monster!  One of my favorite snack is chips!  I can eat a whole bag in one sitting.  Once I start, I can’t stop!  I do try not to buy junk food too often.  Sometimes, I do give in and pig out from time to time.