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Re-Bought MA: 5 shares @ $833.428

31 Dec

My last trade of 2013 is re-buying Mastercard funded solely on margin in my cash account.

MA:  5 shares @ $833.428 = $4167.14 (Commission were only 5 cents from Virtual Brokers)

Mastercard will be splitting their shares 10 for 1 on January 9, 2014 and raising their dividends by 83% from 60 cent to $1.10.

Currently, I have 30 shares of MA in total after my new purchase.  For every share I have, I will get additional 9 shares which will total 270 300 shares.  If the dividend is paid out after the stock split that will mean I will get $297.00 per quarter in dividends.  Am I correct??  I will wait and see!

Looks like dividend will go from $1.10 to 11 cents after the stock split as pointed out by Maureen.  Wishful thinking on my part for receiving so much per quarter.

I am excited to see how my Mastercard will play out in 2014.


Bought FTS.TO 150 @ $30.14

11 Sep

True to my word, I set forth my plan of action by buying Fortis Inc this morning.  My trading cost me $1.50.

I might have to sell off some stocks near the end of the year to finance my mortgage.  For now, I’m going to let my stocks ride out this next couple of months untouched.  BOOYA.


Buy Costco (COST) – 20 @ $112.00/share

26 Aug

Costco is popular.  I’ve been meaning to add COST to my portfolio for the longest time.  For some reason, I just held off.  When I first looked at it, COST was trading around their all time highs at $80/share.  Too bad, I didn’t take the first leap.

I am a little bit late to the rally party.  Recently, their share price has retracted a bit which calls for an opportunity for me to jump in.

I believe Costco is a major retailer that attracts a lot of customers though it’s only an exclusive club.  How many people do you know has a Costco membership?

Visa addition 23 @ $180.50/share

8 Aug

I bought Visa in hopes it will go up like Mastercard 🙂

My total shares for Visa is 50 now!

I bought Visa when it first IPO’d.  If I only kept my original shares… I’d be $10,000 richer!  But I sold out for a measly $2000 gain.  My heart aches when I let go winners and keep losers…

Now, I try to accumulate some good stocks for keepers.

Added Pitney Bowes Inc. to my TFSA

11 Apr

With the leftover cash in my TFSA, I added Pitney Bowes Inc. (PBI) 107 @ $15.17/share.  The yield on this stock is at 9.88%!!  38 cents per quarter for each share you own.  Shares of this stock have certainly taken a tumble in the past few years, but they have steadily paid out increasing dividends over the number of years.  

This might a little bit risky to jump in, but I see an upswing in the months ahead.  That’s just me and my hunches!!  So do not take my word for it.