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My One Year Anniversary with Capital One Mastercard

17 May

My total cash reward for the year is $217.66 just for spending on my Capital One World Aspire Cash Mastercard.

Here is my breakdown:

Bonus Sign Up:  $100
1% earned for my total spendings:  $79.74
0.5% bonus 1 yr anniversary:  $37.92
Total Cash Reward:  $217.66

This means I spent $7,974.00 over the course of the year on my Captial One Mastercard.  Spending responsibly on your credit card can be quite rewarding as you can see.  Some personal finance gurus say credit cards are evil, use cash only… that’s the best way to limit your spending habits.  But with cash, you’re not getting rewards and you’re not keeping a detailed track record of your expenditures.

I am 100% pro credit card!  Just as long as you spend within your limits and pay off your balance on the due date!

Most of my gas/groceries purchases were made on my MBNA Smart Cash Mastercard.  It is only recently, I’ve been putting some of my gas/groceries charges through my Capital One.  I took out $8000 balance transfer from my MBNA Mastercard to take advantage of a promotion rate of 0% for 6 months.  If I put any purchases on that card, I will incur interest.  For the first month, I did not know this and put through some charges.  Now they will charge me interest on those purchases until I repay my full $8,000 loan to them.  Which is BS, since I paid more than the minimum balance to pay off those purchase charges.  But the way the balance transfer works, is if you put any purchases on that card, it will incur interest until your balance is paid in full.  So right now, I’m paying a few dollars in interest for my purchases, but no interest on my 0% transfer balance of $8,000.  Lesson learned!

Capital One Year Rewards


Updates on Portfolio and Trades

1 Jun

Hey Folks,

Check out my updated posts in my Portfolio and Trades section.  I am not proud of myself in this month’s trading.  A ton of mistakes, risking too much money on margin… not that I ever got a margin call.  Impatience has certainly gotten the best of me again.  Just when I had enough and sell out of my holdings, the market springs back up… without hesitation, I ended up buying Google at $612.68 per share.  Only to watch it go down and down, while others were climbing and holding up at least.  I know Google is a reputable company, so this time, I will tough it out.

The month of May has certainly humbled me.  June is a prime example of how unforgiving the market has for retail investors.  All my previous paper gains were wiped out in a matter of a few days.  My one hope is relying heavily on my speculative penny stock which I have doubled my stakes in.  If the deal goes through, I’d redeem myself once again.  I’m young, I can risk it.

To stay on top of the market,  you need to always monitor your stocks.  Locking in your gains is always better than holding a loss.

On a lighter note, I finally made my first purchase on my new Capital One Aspire Cash Mastercard!  A couple of days ago, I went out with a few coworkers for lunch.  I ended up putting the whole tab on my card earning me 67 cents, and don’t forget their anniversary bonus of 0.5% which will come after one year!  With my first purchase, I get $100 cash bonus!  With $100 to burn, I decided to buy Hometown Heros Lottery.  It’s going to a good cause and I might get 1 in 390,000 chance of winning the grand prize.  I’ve bought a few of these charity lotteries before, I have yet to see any prizes come my way…

Capital One Aspire Cash Mastercard!

24 May

Capital One Aspire Cash Mastercard is my latest acquisition in the long line of credit cards I have collected throughout the years.

This card has many features that makes me feel protected!  Check it out: Travel Benefits and Everyday Benefits

Would I qualify if I do not make $60k income?  The answer is yes!  I certainly do not make over $60k, far from it.  With my awesome credit history, I got approved for a measly $3000 credit limit.  On my application, I did put down my household income at $100k.

Please note:  This card is good for people who likes to collect cash rewards for their spending, has excellent credit history, and usually pays full balance every month.

Card Summary

  • 1% cash rewards on all net purchases and 50% extra cash rewards every year which equals to 1.5% cash back!
  • There is no tier spending or limit to the amount of cash you can earn
  • $100 bonus cash reward on your first purchase
  • World benefits including Travel Medical Insurance
  • No annual fee
  • Annual interest fee:  16.8%

As much as I love my MBNA Smart Cash Mastercard, Capital One has certainly given a 0.5% advantage over all net purchases. I will still use my Smart Cash for all my gas and groceries earning me 3% cash back.  All my other net purchases, I will use on my new Aspire Cash earning me 1.5% cash back!  Let the money roll in by just by swiping their cards 🙂  Cash is dumb, credit is smart!