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Wednesday/Thursday is the day to book flights for Delta!

16 Aug

Guess what?  I’m heading off to Costa Rica for ten days end of November 2013!  It’s not a trip that I really want to go on (money-wise), but somehow I got roped into going with a few girl friends.  They all make more than I do, so it’s easy for them to just take off on a whim.  This will definitely set me back a couple grand.  I will sell my LIQUOR stock to cover the trip, hopefully by then, it will recover above my buy in price.  Ah, I’m just joking, I do have reserves outside from my stock portfolio.  Just I don’t like to see it go down, since my condo is finishing up around the same time when I’m gone come to think of it.  Ah, hectic times!

Back on the topic of what days to book cheaper flights during the week.  After Capital One Mastercard received my $200 payment, I ended up booking my flight at Delta on Tuesday night just before midnight for $788.91.  All my friends had booked their flights on the previous night on Monday.

I’m the type of person who is compulsive checker.  Come Wednesday night, I  decided to check the same flights on Delta to see if there was a price difference.  It quoted me $733.91!  It was $55 cheaper.  Being the deal saver I am, I called Capital One Mastercard first to ask if I can get a credit of $55.  One of their benefits on their card is price protection.  But guess what, I’d have to call back during regular working hours from 8am-8pm eastern time for their World Travel Benefits hotline.  So no luck there.

Not giving up, I called Delta directly and explained my situation.  Since, it was within a 24 hour period, Delta was willing to void my first ticket, but I would have to re-purchase the flight again on the cheaper quote.  This means that I will get a full refund on my Capital One Mastercard, and the refund will not show up on my account for another 5-7 business days.  Once again, the $3000 credit limit is screwing me again!  I can’t put the re-purchase back on my Capital One Mastercard, cause I just don’t have enough credit!

I weighed my options:  Savings of $55 vs Capital One 1.5% cashback ($11.83) plus other travel protection perks from the card.  I decided to go ahead and re-purchase the flight at $733.91 on another credit card.

Wednesday/Thursday is the day to book flights for Delta Airlines.  Usually mid week, prices goes down for some reason.  It’s Friday today, I checked again.  Prices for the same flights are back at $788.91.

So my whole debacle with Capital One not giving me enough credit saved me $55 in the end.  Too bad, I didn’t get the 1.5% cashback.  Oh wells, c’est la vie!

Capital One Mastercard got compromised

22 Jul

My Capital One Mastercard got compromised last Monday.  At Walmart, my card got declined twice.  A couple days after, I tried to make a purchase online to have the item sent to my work address.  Again, it got declined.  Agitated, I called Capital One.  I was put on hold for 20+ minutes after talking to the first representative in which I explained my situation.  By the time the next representative took my call, I was not very happy.  Talking in a louder tone than usual, I berated Rep#2 as to why my card was blocked and wasn’t made aware of the situation right from the start.

Rep#2 told me that my card was compromised on the Monday and that they sent a letter to my mailing address informing me.  Only then, I would have to call in to get a new card to send out.  Well, I never received that letter… still waiting for it.  I asked him why can’t they call or email me instead?  He’s like for security reasons, they only mail out letters to the cardholder’s address for verification “snail mail style.”  Even though, I get email notifications from Capital One and login into their site service all the time.

Right now, I am waiting for my new card after talking with them that night.  I am not impressed as I had to put some charges through to my other credit card where I don’t earn 1.5%.

Update:  I got a Fedex slip at home on July 22, 2013… guess that’s my new card from Capital one.  Now I have to pick it up from the Fedex depot cuz I was at work when they tried to delivery it.

When my card got compromised at MBNA Mastercard, they handled it very swiftly.  They had a message on my login account to call customer service and informed me right away that my card was skimmed and some charges were put through to my account, but they will reverse the charges and I got my credit card within 2 business days by Fedex.  Talk about quick service!