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Sold out CVE.TO- 100 shares @ $31.01

29 Oct

Cenovus Energy Inc. wasn’t doing much for my portfolio.  So I decided to end the relationship with them today.  I will be converting the amount to USD to lower the value on USD Margin.

Trade Summary

July 25, 2013:  Bought 100 shares @ $30.40
Oct 29, 2013:  Sold 100 shares @ $31.01
Capital Gain:  $61.00
Received Dividend: $24.20
Less Commissions: -$2.00
et Capital Gain:  $83.20

Amount invested:  $3,041.00
Percentage Gain:  2.01%
Percentage Gain including dividends:  2.74%

Number of days held:  97 days




Added CVE.TO 100 @ $30.40/share

25 Jul

Earlier this morning, I added Cenovus Energy Inc. to my portfolio looking for short term gains.  I didn’t bother looking at the markets till now.  Surprised to see today’s closing price was $30.68 per share for CVE.TO.  Not bad, considering for a one day gain… but it’s not realized gain yet till I sell!