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Lazy Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs

7 Mar

This morning, I woke up 30 minutes earlier to throw a bunch of ingredients together into my slow cooker crock pot.  I found a recipe online where I had most of the ingredients at home.  The only thing I didn’t have was a potato, so I substitute it with a tomato instead.

Season the chicken broth with salt and dried thyme, then add seasoning salt, paprika, garlic powder to the chicken thigh.  Throw in all the veggies first then pour the broth over it before adding the chicken thighs on top.  A quick easy and cheap meal that will feed two adults:

3 chicken thighs- $1.562
carrots- $0.76
1 tomato- $0.63
quarter onion- $0.25
1 can chicken broth- $0.69
1 cup of rice- $0.26
Total Meal $4.15

Chicken Thigh Cooking in Crock Pot

This is what it looked like when I got home from work! All I have to do is cook my rice, then it’s time to eat!

All plated ready to eat!

Voila, here is what it looks like before I gobbled it down. The chicken was a bit dry, maybe it’s a slow cooker thing. I did leave it in for a good 8 hours when recipe only indicated 6 hours.


Fajita Chicken & Veggie Wrap

15 Oct

Dinner for one!  Tonight, I decided to whip up a simple and a relatively healthy meal for myself!  It was an easy and to top things off, it was quite tasty.  I marinated the chicken with soy sauce and seasoning salt before putting it into the pan.  Add a little oil, and then stir fry the chicken with the mixed vegetables.  For additional flavor, I add some fish sauce for taste.

Here is the breakdown of my meal in monetary terms:
2 pieces of Tortillas – 0.21
Small pieces of Chicken Breast- 0.40
Pepperjack Cheese- 0.22
Small portion of Broccoli- 0.20
1 chopped pickle- 0.10
Half a celery stalk- 0.07
Onion/Garlic- 0.05
Total cost of Fajitas- $1.25 estimated

I really need the cleansing after a state run from Sunday.  For breakfast, BF and I ended up having breakfast at McDonald’s costing us $11.05.  We had a late lunch at Jack in the Box… I never been there and wanted to try it out.  Two combo burger meals ended being $14.53.  The sourdough burger with tomato, bacon, cheese was tasty.  However, it was on the greasy side.  It was junk food galore day!  After we got home, we weren’t too hungry so we decided to go green.  Opened up half a bag of romaine salad: $0.94 / three tomatoes: $0.79 / boiled three eggs: $0.83 for protein / leftover cucumbers: free / leftover yams: free.  Total cost for making salad at home: $2.56.

I ended up buy two pair of dress pants for work from Banana Republic outlets for $38.xx each.  Regular price was at $79 less 30% discount plus additional 25% from BF’s work discount card!  So that was a good deal!  I was happy with my purchase.  BF bought a pair of Nikes for recreational play and a Banana Republic sweater for cheap.  We didn’t buy a whole lot.  Just buying what we needed really.

For groceries, I didn’t buy too much.  Reason being was we still have lots of meat in our freezer.  Spent $54.89 in total.  This included a pepper grinder ($7.57) and a 2 gallon glass jar ($10.83) to store our rice.  Milk in states was only $2.58 vs our CAD price of $4.65… almost 55% cheaper!

I also filled up a full tank of gas at $4.39 per gallon.  The gas station near the border is higher than the ones further south.  But I was low on gas when we crossed so I ended up forking over $47.18.  Still a little cheaper than my usually fill ups at $55-58.

It nice to cross the border with the idea of spending money down there!  Lots of people are crossing the border to fill up on gas, buy good quality apparel for discounted price, stock up on cheaper groceries since our Canadian is almost at par with the American dollar.  I’d go down there more often, but the gas and the long line ups at the border does discourage me from doing so.  Unless I pick up a Nexus pass to blow by everyone!

Cheap Dining

11 Oct

Tonight, I decided to make The Poorman’s Meal courtesy of Clara.  Poorman’s Meal consists of affordable items like onion, potatoes and wieners.  I decided to add celery to make it a greener dish instead of just meat and potatoes.  Seasoning:  3 spoonfuls of salsa and salt, please add some water to soften the potatoes.

Breakdown of Costs:

0.20 for 1 onion
0.41 for 2 potatoes
0.00 for 3 wieners (handout)
0.42 for 3 pcs of celery
1.97 for 1 can of Chunky Clam Chowder as side dish (Estimated)
$3.00 for a hearty meal to satisfy two adults plus some leftovers for next day’s lunch!

Everyone can make this.  It’s a simple recipe and tastes just fine.  There are lots of items out there that are affordable and tasty versus going the easy way out like eating out at a restaurant.  Just have to find the right combination to make them work.  I love surfing on YouTube for recipes and ideas.  Sharing really does give others the opportunity to learn and accept for what’s being put out there.  The net is a vast highway for information.  Use it wisely.

Last week, I went out with some friends to a Thai restaurant.  We had papaya salad, stuffed chicken wings, tom yum soup, penang curry, pad thai.  The portions were small.  So between the four of us, we ordered double for everything except for the papaya salad and a couple of pop drinks.  At Thai restaurants, they charge extra for a bowl of rice.  When the bill came, it was $105.00 after taxes!  We split it four ways and decided on a round number of $30 per person giving the restaurant a very nice $15 tip!  Normally, I tip out 10% before tax.  Since it’s a group outing, I didn’t want to cheap out as they agreed on $30 per person.  That was a very expensive meal for me!  And it’s not even fine dining!  Yes, the food was good, but was it really worth it?

So the next day, I went out for Cantonese Cafe restaurant for my mom’s early birthday dinner.  It was just my parents, bf and moi.  We showed up at 5pm after work to get in on their daily special menu.  So between the four of us, we ordered fish maw soup, salty fish fried rice, beef vermicelli noodles, and house special fried chow mien.  Three of the dishes came with a hot drink or add $1 for cold drink… I just had tea!  Our bellies were full and our taste buds were satisfied.  When the bill came, I was happy to see that it wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg.  I ended up treating everyone for a grand total of $38.25 and that includes 10% tip!

Moral of the story:  Don’t order too much, you’ll end up spending more than you like.  Don’t eat too much, you’ll get fat. 

Even though, I found a higher paying job a couple months ago.  I didn’t automatically spend a whole bunch of money on new work clothes.  Scavenging in my closet to make due for my new work attire requirement which is business casual.  It’s hard after years of wearing casual tops and jeans to work for my previous work.  Most of my old work pants don’t fit anymore.  So far, I only added one new dress pant to my collection and a few tops.  I try to minimize my spending as much as possible.  Living below my means is a way of life for me and I am proud to say it out loud.

Ever since I moved out from my parents, I have been eating out less and less for lunch (new job) and dinner.  Over the ten months, I’ve lost a good ten pounds.  You can say I lost a pound a month!  Still a little extra fat on certain areas of my body that I would love to get rid of, especially my tummy!  It’s a work in progress.