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Positive Sell for CLF

14 Oct

My first trade of October seems to be in the right direction.  Once again, I sold CLF at a gain of $1347.13 less $14.85 in commissions.  CLF proved to be a good play.  I just wished I had gobbled up more shares at the bottom.  With good solid financial background in this company, I had faith it would make a come back.  This was a good play by averaging down when I was deep in the RED. 

Trade History:

  • Bought 200 @ $65.07/share, I averaged down another 100 @ $51.70/share.  I should have averaged down more when prices took a tumble to $47.31/share.  But I was scared shit with over $3000 in the red.
  • Set a limit sale 300 @ $65.10/share:  Sold 255 @ $65.10/share and 45 @$65.125/share



What a difference a week makes!

11 Oct

My last post which was on September 30th, I was all doom and gloom.  My biggest losers were CLF $-2,863.90 and POT -1,709.90$.  Today, they both have climbed out of the red.  Thanks mostly to some averaging down acts I’ve set forth.  How long will this upward trend last? 

Decision time:  Should I hold longer or should I sell for a small profit? 

I am still hopefull for greener pastures in the long run.

Topping Up

21 Sep

Since my last trade in Cliffs Natural Resources Inc, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on this stock to re-enter my position.  For the last few days, it’s been taking a beating for some reason.  Today, it drop more than $5 per share in the early morning session, I decided it was time for me to pick up some shares.  200 @ $65.07.  I hope this is nearing the support where potential buyers see an opportunity to gobble up at these prices to drive up the price again. 

The last few trades I’ve made with Cliff has been somewhat successful:

  1. Bought at $92, Sold at $98
  2. Bought at $92, Sold at $98
  3. Bought at $86.60 & $71.85, Sold at $83

My new strategy of swing trading has been helping me lock in some gains. First opportunity I get, I’d sell my shares for a profit and move on.  If I had kept my orginal shares @ $92, I’d be stuck with a big lost with no opportunity to sell!