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Making a move

22 Mar

Staying active in my QT Margin account is essential to keep track of your ongoing stocks.  This means daily check ups.  Just a couple of days ago, I was reeling high up then the stupid China slow down popped into the picture to bring down my parade of escalating stocks.

I missed pulling my trigger on CLF as it was riding high in the $73 range.  Today, I decided to end the $5 drop in the last two days to rake in what was left of it in the tune of $290.10.  POT was on my hit list as well and decided to let go 100/500 shares at a loss of $219.90.  So my grand total for the day was only a little profit of $70.20 in my margin account.

I really want to get back into the game, but right now, I just don’t know what to buy!  Better wait than to jump on board a train wreck waiting to happen.

Alright, I averaged down on my call options on CLF.  Since I sold out my shares of CLF, I still have a bit of running room with their options for the month if there is an uprising.  I added 2 more contracts at $1.38.  Now my average is at 3 contracts @ $1.90 instead.  Right now, I’m at a paper loss of $130.90, near the end of the day CLF took a nose dive where I was at a paper loss of $222 but it recovered in the last hour or so.  Counting on a green day on Friday to make my weekend more enjoyable!

Good Old Cliff’s

14 Mar

I re-bought Cliff end of February at $65.60 on a decline…  then it declined some to a low of $59ish.  That’s when I should have swoop in and averaged down.  However, I already have more than half of this stock on margin.  So I steered clear of getting myself heavier at loss and debt!

Today, Cliff jumped a good 10% and counting due to dividend increase.  Instead of sitting at a loss, I’m at a paper gain of $538.05 at this time!  Should I keep this or sell?  So difficult… to make what will become of tomorrow’s trading day.  Could this be the works of options trading?  Trying to meet their strike price?

 Notable Mention:  Manulife made a big leap today at 9%.  Finally in the green, I shall be looking to making my exit with this stock soon.

I’m so close!

25 Jan

My recent purchase of ECA is proofing to be a good buy.  Right now, If I sell my ECA and MA… I will make my $500/mo profit mark in my QT Margin account.  I’m trying to decide whether both of them will continue to be on the upswing.  This is decision time!

My last decision of selling out CLF proved to be the wrong move.  I could have made an extra $670 more!! SIGH.. name of the game!